Aging Solution: A medication could prevent the onset of certain diseases related to aging and improve heart health. Scientists have achieved a discovery that can lead to a revolutionary drug that resists aging. It can miraculously help repair the damaged DNA, and even protect NASA astronauts to send them to Mars by protecting them from solar radiation. A team of researchers developed the drug after discovering a key signal in DNA repair and cell aging.

Aging Solution: Dr. Sinclair and her research team

“This is the closest we have to the anti-aging drugs for safe and effective aging that is probably taking more than 3 to 5 years before they are available in the market if trials starting within 6 months are going well,” Sinclair says. Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Aging Solution: Accelerating symptoms of aging

The work drew attention from NASA, which is studying the challenge of keeping the spacewalkers safe during a 4-year mission to Mars. Even in short missions, the experience of astronauts led to the acceleration of aging because of the effect of cosmic radiation, suffering from muscle weakness, memory loss, and other symptoms when they return. Mice, dogs, and soon young humans longer? Scientist Matt Kaeberlein, a Washington University biologist specializing in research on aging, believes in it, as he explains in an article in the New York.

Aging Solution: New Approaches

The fountain of youth would bear the name of rapamycin. The first tests on dogs confirm the observations observed for the first time in mice in 2009: this medicine usually used to prevent graft rejections in humans slows down aging by decreasing the activity of a protein that Is responsible. “If you extrapolate the results in humans, we’re probably talking about a 20-year gain with the hope that these years will be relatively healthy,” enthuses Kaeberlein. Until now, the first tests on the 1,500 dogs participating in the study do not have side effects but on the contrary an improvement in cardiac capacities.

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Aging Solution: Eternal youth

These analyses mark a new stage in the youth race launched by molecular biologists in the 1990s. Hitherto, the experiment in flies, parasites, and mice, the arrival of rapamycin on dogs has changed our relationship with the drug According to Kaeberlein. “If the owners of the dogs find that there is a way to greatly delay the aging of their pet, this may have an influence on what is done with the drug. While most of the deadly diseases in developed countries – heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer – all have the common risk factor of aging, eternal youth becomes a real issue. Researchers on this topic are still calling for more grants, while Google with Calico and the start-up Unity are already working on the issue.

Aging Solution: Would old age be a reversible shipwreck?

Only, the older you get, the more NAD’s network feels. Result: the mitochondria can no longer convey their fuel to target organelles. And this is where the work – on the mouse – American researchers are dreaming because by administering NAD for a week to a rodent at the end of life, they found a completely unbelievable result.

Aging Solution: The Ultimate Effect

“Dorian Gray” effect: the mitochondria regained a new youth, strengthening the muscles of the animal and improving their resistance to the inflammation. Thus, by restoring the vacillating intracellular communication network of an elderly animal, David Sinclair and his team may well have put their finger on an essential mechanism for longevity. “This is the first time that the mouse has a link between aging and good communication between the cell nucleus and its mitochondria,” says David Sinclair. Could the NAD constitute an effective filter of youth for the human being?

Would old age be a reversible shipwreck? These are the questions that immediately come to mind in the face of such dramatic results. Even the greatest caution required. “The NAD, indeed a totally exciting molecule that has occupied me for several years,” enthuses Pierre Rustin, but we must not draw hasty conclusions: aging is very Different from one animal to another. What is successful in mice is not necessarily transposable to humans.”

Aging Solution: Next step? Old people…

That does not prevent David Sinclair from taking the plunge. The next step in his work will be to restore the failing mitochondrial function in the elderly. With the hope that NAD-based treatment will, at least initially, help combat countless age-related diseases such as stroke. It could also counteract conditions such as cancer, inflammatory diseases, or type 2 diabetes, for which mitochondria play an essential role. In short, if you did not know the existence of these organelles before, it would be better you accustomed to them because you have not finished hearing about it.

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