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Amy Allen is a New York-based writer and director. She also loves waffles, tulips, and puppies. While a high school student at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Amy majored in drama and vocal music. She still writes songs and sometimes sings them, but it was acting that propelled her into the glamorous world of public access TV, and eventually video studies and film school.
She then worked for a bit in radio, while taking on random freelance projects and writing screenplays. After a stint in PR, she landed at online film production network Massify, where she helps rising filmmakers get the word out about their work.
Currently, she is working on a no-budget feature film slated to go into production this fall. Things that excite Amy include the evolving indie film landscape, the DIY revolution, and baking.


  • Rubbish, 2006

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Short Film
Brooklyn, NY