There are many amazing magic tricks you can do with the cards. I’ll tell you some easy tricks but need some preparation and practice. You can perform these amazing tricks any time you want for your family members, your friends or any special person or event. I hope that you will like these tricks as much as I did.

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1 The first card trick I am going to tell you today is a very easy and fabulous trick. All you have to do is to shuffle the cards in front of the audience. Then, show them the cards one be one in a certain quick order. You have to memorize the 4th card of this order. You can then split the pack into half and merge the two halves together except these four cards at the beginning without getting anybody notice. You can split the pack once again into two halves and make the audience think that you will get to know the 4th card that you memorized by looking at the 4th card in the other half of the pack. It’s just a nice quick trick if it hasn’t been figured out.

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2 There is another cool trick I am going to tell you. But you need to make a former set up before applying it. You should organize the black and red cards in order without letting the spectator knows that. Then, you should shuffle them till they tell you to stop. You can then let the spectator pick two cards and memorize them well. Reverse the order of the two cards and make four sets of cards. You should get the 1st and 3rd set of cards and the 2nd and 4th other sets of cards together. The first and third set would be of the same cards color while the second and fourth set of cards would be of the other color (black or red). You should merge the two final sets in reverse and spread one face to show the audience the one different card they picked at the beginning. You should turn to the other face to show them the other different card they picked as well. It’s a simple trick but needs some preparation.

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3 You should at this trick memorize the card at the bottom. Then you should make three sets of cards and let the spectator choose a card and place it on one set of cards. If it was placed on the set that has the bottom memorized card, you should then cut this set into half and make this card on the picked card. If it was placed on another set of cards, you should then get the other set which has the memorized card on the top of the set which has the picked card. Then you should make a certain order of cards till you get to the wanted card which located behind the memorized card. It’s a very lovely trick if it was just done right.

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These were simple tricks to apply but need some time to practice. I hope they were appealing to you to perform them in many parties and events as much as you want. You can also amuse young kids by performing these tricks in front of them. Take care and good luck!