“Can the man of your dreams become the man who wakes up next to you?”

The film ‘Bedfellows,’ told in the style of an old children’s fairy tale but set against the modern-day backdrop of New York City, follows the adventure of 20-something Bobby as he returns to the gay bar where he got his heartbroken for the first time. Upon meeting and spending the night with an attractive stranger named Jonathan, Bobby dreams about what a lifetime relationship with him could be like. The dream takes us on a thirty-year journey of ups and downs in life and love. But what will happen when Bobby wakes up to reality in the morning?

Bedfellows "Bedfellows" - Film (2010) - 1

Cast and Crew

  • Writer and director
    Pierre Stefanos
  • Cinematography by
    Clayton Combe
  • Costume and wardrobe department
    Jennifer Bentley
  • Camera and electrical department
    Jesse Anders
    Jordan T. Parrott
    Adrian Romero
    Yanick Salazar
    Harry Ycaza
  • Cast
    Paul Caiola
    Bret Shuford
    Tom Gualtieri
    Nikki Ghisel

Characters of the Movie

  • Bobby, “protagonist”

Paul Caiola "Bedfellows" - Film (2010) - 2

  • Jonathan, “protagonist”

Bret Shuford "Bedfellows" - Film (2010) - 3

  • Jenna
    The Birth Mother

Nikki Ghisel "Bedfellows" - Film (2010) - 4

  • The Narrator

Tom Gualtieri "Bedfellows" - Film (2010) - 5