Catching a monster fish is hard for the amateurs. Most of us think that only fishers can do that, but I think that there is still a chance for us if we aimed to do so. I am going to give you some tips about monster catfish, their locations, their food and how to catch them. Enjoy.

The hardest part of the process is how to find these fish species. It can be one of the worst experiences you can ever have when you get to search for huge catfish. You could give up easily and feel disappointed. You can spend several hours at looking for big channel catfish and get nothing at the end.

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Channels can be found in open water. So if your goal is to catch a monster fish, try to find the right location of these fish species. Watching for channel catfish is one of the simplest forms of locating big fish in warmer weather. Have patience, take your time, and cover the areas well by aquatic vegetation like cattails or lily pads to be able to catch them.

Monster fish location in open water

Monster fish location in the open water

When you start looking for the right places for huge catfish, try to locate deep holes. Above the surface, watch for rocks and high bluffs that may indicate a hole. Large stones and riprap shorelines are also excellent locations. Cats will move in to find crayfish and other quick meals and to spawn. They do feed during the day but often require a modified approach, challenging experience and patience to be able to catch them. Fish slow and try to reach some depth by adjusting the slip float.

There is a great technique called drift-fishing which is an easy tactic to locate and catch big channel catfish and for inexperienced anglers. Target a mid-depth structure in shallow or medium depths. Use a trolling motor to move the boat and drag baits along the bottom with a slip-sinker rig, or allow your boat to drift with the wind using drift socks to control direction and speed.

Fishing tools

Fishing tools

If you are going after huge catfish, it is essential to have equipment strong enough to be able to catch a fish with a bigger size. Bait preferences may vary, but what is the vital thing is the bait’s condition. Precise bait placement is a critical issue when you think it is close enough, get closer to have a delicate balance of enticing the fish to get out of their holding area. Changes of a few inches in bait placement can make huge differences when getting to begin the targeting process. You can target both shallow and deep fish. Start to fish using reel engaged to allow the fish to run with the bait. In deeper water, use a drop-shot rig while trying to fish vertically.

Catching a fish

Catching a fish

I hope these tips have been useful to those who want to learn about these fish species and how to catch them. Good luck at your next catfish hunt if you wanted to find a big one.