• Favorite TV Shows
    Boondocks Season 1 “Return of the King” and “The Block is Hot”, Battlestar Galactica (2003), The Office (UK), The Office (US), The Mysterious Cities of Gold. That’s pretty much it. Not a huge TV watcher.
  • Favorite Books
    Snow Crash, Ender’s Game, Gangs of America, Lockdown America, To Have or To Be, Golden Compass/Subtle Knife/Amber Spyglass, Watchmen
  • Favorite Music
    Rev1, Cypher: Dissident, DJ Cappel and Smitty, Mos Def, Mr. Lif, Brother Ali, Chuck D and PE, M1 and stic and dead prez, ATCQ, old Xzibit, old Ice Cube, Son of Nun, Letters to Cleo, Le Tigre, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, KRS, The Wu, Talib, Binary Star and One Be Lo/One Man Army, Last Emperor, Erykah Badu, Fiona Apple
  • Favorite Talent
    Favorite talent? What does that even mean? I think telekinesis is cool. Does that count?
  • Favorite Quotes
    “I’d rather be gunned down than dumbed down” – K’naan, Till We Get There.
  • Favorite Movies
    Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Fight Club, Aliens, The Matrix, V for Vendetta, Drunken Master II, Hero, Spider-Man 2, Empire Strikes Back,

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