Director, Writer

New York, NY

Working On

  • A series of ambient short films about NYC, memory, and history.
  • Union Status
  • Non-Union

Christian Svanes Kolding is a Danish director of short films, broadcast advertisements, documentaries, and music videos.

He lives in new york city and creates handcrafted, documentary-style narratives. For many years before that, he was a feature film and commercials production designer.



  • The End of the Internet, 2015

“The End Of The Internet is an absurd comedy about discovering the purpose of life in a most unlikely place.” IMDB

  • The Emergency Kit, 2013

A short documentary about “a Brooklyn resident cheerfully prepares for the end of the world, sourcing unusual items to ensure her survival.” IMDB

  • Everything Is Original, 2009

The 5-minute documentary is “a brief behind-the-scenes exploration of a photo session and its aftermath, negotiating the space between the German photographer Birgit Richter and her subject, an immigrant woman who cleans houses.” IMDB

  • Seks lag af depression, 2005

A short comedy was written and directed by Kolding. IMDB

  • Bryder (Short), 2003


  • The Cowboy Loses His Boots (Video short), 2003

“A riddle in the form of a short film, The Cowboy Loses His Boots dares ask the question: what if Copenhagen went country & western for one night only?” IMDB