Jim Cochran hates his job, he wishes he could just shoot clay pigeons all day.

Jim Cochran floats through his days dreaming about being somewhere else. He hates his job and the delivery truck he drives. In his free time, he enjoys shooting clay pigeons. One fateful day he finds something in the woods, his decision to pick it up will change his life forever.

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Cast and Crew

  • Writer and director
    James Gannon, Brooklyn, NY
  • Cast
    James D. Cochran
    Joseph K. Gannon
    Chris Cipriano
    Gary Shaw
    Gerard Guld
    Leo Guld
  • Producer
    James P. Gannon
  • Music by
    Andrew Recinos
  • Cinematography by
    James P. Gannon

Characters of the movie

  • James D. Cochran, “protagonist”
    A delivery man

Cochran Cochran (2009) - 1

  • Gerard Guld (Hunter 1)
  • Leo Guld (Hunter 2)

Winning Awards

SXSW official selection cochran short film Cochran (2009) - 2