You are not alone in believing that the idea of sprinkling your head with icy water is delusional, but a growing number of researchers and experts have begun to praise the merits of the cold shower.

1. Less sick days

Do you sniff through the cold and flu season? There are two ways to combat these common diseases: to avoid all possible microbes and to strengthen the immune system. This is the approach to follow whenever a colleague comes to work with the intestinal flu or a child sneezes you in the face. Participants who turn the tap cold for 50 to 90 seconds at the end of each shower can face cold and flu better.

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2. Strengthens the immune system

By causing a mini-trauma to your body in a controlled environment and doing this regularly, you gradually strengthen your immune system. Indeed, the body will increase its metabolism and activate its immune system to warm up during the shower. Studies show that people who regularly expose themselves to the cold have more white blood cells than those who are not. In northern Finland, it is common practice to put your baby out during your nap. They appear to be less likely to be sick. To quote the study in question: “When ambient temperature decreases, the cooling rate of Tsk increases. Tsk was minimal. The basic idea was that outdoor sleeping promoted children’s health.

Some blogs also talk about a nearby activity in Siberia where a bucket of cold water is emptied on children’s heads regularly. This so-called ritual would be called “Rodnichok” (which is, in fact, a region or a center that offers an installation service and cheap stays for the disabled. In short, I’m talking about a rumor because I have not found any reliable source for this story other than blogs based on other blogs, etc. If you find the source(s) in question I will be happy to change this paragraph immediately. For my part, I did not fall a single time sick while taking my cold shower daily, even in winter. I can only confirm this point!

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3. Less body fat

Our bodies begin to metabolize fat differently when temperatures are low. It changes the yellow fat that is bad for health, into brown fat, which the body draws to maintain a normal temperature. If you prefer cold showers to more traditional methods of slimming, this is your choice.

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4. Do not Feel cold always

Exposing yourself regularly to the cold habits strengthen you. It is exactly like the vaccine where a weakened virus is injected so that your immune system “learns” to defend itself. So, if you are cold, take cold showers regularly and you will never again.

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5. Better blood circulation

During your first shower, you will see your skin become completely red. It is simply that the contact of the cold accelerates the pulsations of your heart. Your body, attacked, will contract its blood vessels and concentrate its circulation in the vital organs. Your breathing will be faster and fuller and your organs will be able to fill up with nutrients. If your legs are heavy, that is to say, that the blood has difficulty to ascend in the upper part of the body, dip them in cold water. Better still, take one or two short cold showers during the day. This will have a vasoconstricting effect that will decrease blood flow in this area. Your legs should sink immediately.

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6. A firmer skin

The pores of the skin become tighter in contact with the cold. Your skin will be firmer, healthier, and gentler. It will also slow the production of free radicals as well as aging your skin. This also applies to dandruff. A good solution to get rid of dandruff without chemicals. I guarantee that it works! It is a practice of beauty used in many civilizations.

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7. Continuous Energy

Cold shower enthusiasts say the effect lasts a long time after taking a shower and getting warmed up. It has been proven in a study published, that people with chronic fatigue are less exhausted. Throughout her life, actress Katharine Hepburn practiced “invigorating” cold showers and baths, a habit of her father, the doctor who claimed that cold increases energy and vitality.

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8. Greater tolerance to pain

Are you one of the people who suffer from chronic pain? If so, opt for the cold shower that releases endorphins. According to a meta-analysis,  pain sensation decreases after a cold shower, and pain tolerance is greater.

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9. Less depressed and anxious

Taking a cold shower in the morning may seem depressing, but for people who suffer from clinical depression, it can be quite the reverse. Research has shown that a cold shower is good for mood because it decreases stress and anxiety. More research is needed, but many people have reported a major improvement in their mood after starting their day with a cold or cold water shower.

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10. Better hair

Exposure to cold water on your hair closed their scales, that is, their roots and bulbs will be better protected. Not only will your hair be brighter and smoother, but strengthening the bulb will also prevent hair loss! Some time ago, I had begun to lose my hair. I no longer encountered this problem after my first week of cold showers.

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11. Better sleep

Insomniacs are advised regularly to take cold showers. After the initial shock, the cold helps your body relax. Since the body, before going to sleep is at the lowest of the body temperature curve, a cold shower allows you to give it a boost before going to bed. Personally, I have never had a sleep problem so I can not really tell you if it works. Be careful, the cold shower does not put you to sleep, it simply allows your body to put you in a state favoring falling asleep.

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12. Increased vigilance

A cold shower in the morning brings you the same benefits as a cup of coffee but without causing the restlessness, anxiety, and decreased energy that occurs when the effect of caffeine fades. And that makes sense. After all, what can revive your attention more quickly than cold water on your head? The 2014 meta-analysis provides a scientific basis for this: the icy shower engages the body’s emergency systems and puts you on alert. Those who practice it say they focus better on their work afterward.

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13 Faster recovery after exercise

Athletes Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have long taken a cold shower after a challenging exercise or a hotly contested match to lessen aches and speed recovery. If it is good for them, why should it not be for the common man? Scientific findings are mixed: some experts have found that cold water increases blood circulation and decreases inflammation, while another study found no effect. It may work for you or not.

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