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Writer, Producer, Director

New York, NY

Working On: Charley for Killer/Massify

Projects: Charley



Dee Austin Robertson, an Abilene, Texas native and University of Texas graduate, spent many years under the mentorship of Richard Kelly (DONNIE DARKO) and Steven Poster, ASC. In 2004, Dee directed and collaborated with writer Todd Berger on a #1 Fan: A Darkomentary for the special addition director’s cut of DONNIE DARKO. It received rave reviews from Rolling Stone to LA Weekly. The Washington Post wrote, “Surely it’s all an act, but it’s a brilliant one.” He then wrote and directed the favorite festival animation This is the Way the World Ends and a behind-the-scenes documentary on the film SOUTHLAND TALES, both of which can be seen on the Universal/Sony DVD.

For the Internet, Dee directed and edited the hit comedy series Time Dealer, which stars D.C. Pierson from Derrick Comedy/”Mystery Team.” He also worked with KCRW (NPR) to produce and direct Tuned In, a music web show with legendary music tastemaker Nic Harcourt.

Currently, Dee is an Executive Producer and Writer (story) on THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS, another collaboration with writer Todd Berger. The film is in pre-production at the Jim Henson Company.

Recently, Dee directed, shot, and edited Twitter Kids with Eric Levy and Juan Cardarelli of “Happy Birthday Harris Malden.” The film screened at this year’s Austin Film Festival.



  • How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (Video short), 2015

Robertson is the director as well as the executive producer of the film that tells the story of the latest technology, 5G, “infecting humankind through Smartphones, turning people into flesh-eating zombies. A group of survivors from a base camp where they wait to be rescued.” IMDB

  • The Ghost of My Old Dog (Short), 2012

The Ghost of My Old Dog Dee Robertson - 2

“A young man mourns the death of his dog.” IMDB

Robertson co-wrote, directed, and produced the short.

  • Holiday Road, 2012

Holiday Road Dee Robertson - 3

“A comedy anthology film in which thirteen filmmakers each take on a different American holiday.” IMDB

  • Before the Bomb the Fruits Sang Steve Miller Band (Short), 2011

Dee is the director, cinematographer, and actor in short.

  • Eric Goes West (Short), 2011

Eric Goes West Dee Robertson - 4

“A man sets sail to celebrate his 30th birthday alone.” IMDB

  • I Kill Flowers to Save the World (Short), 2011

I Kill Flowers to Save the World Dee Robertson - 5

Writer, director, and cinematographer.

  • Charley (Short), 2010

Charley Dee Robertson - 6

Writer and director of the short about “A young and dysfunctional couple visit New York City with a unique stowaway traveling in their suitcase.” IMDB

  • USIDent TV: Surveilling the Southland (Video documentary short), 2008

Director and cinematographer

  • Time Dealer (Video short), 2008

The short comedy is about the “tales of how one time-traveling drug dealer changed the course of history, one ounce at a time.” IMDB

  • This Is the Way the World Ends (Short), 2007

Dee wrote and directed the short animation about  “a young octopus learns the solemn story of mankind’s extinction and how their greatest achievements were buried on the ocean floor.” IMDB

  • #1 Fan: A Darkomentary (Video short), 2005

1 Fan A Darkomentary Dee Robertson - 7

“The questionably unstable Darryl Donaldson goes on a quest to prove why he’s Donnie Darko’s #1 fan.” IMDB

  • Manifest Destiny (Short), 2000

“A man is visited by the physical manifestation of his inner demon of alcoholism – an adorable 2-foot blue puppet.” IMDB

  • Instant Celebrity (Short), 2000

Writer, director, and cinematographer of the short animation “following Bouncer Bopopolis on a journey to reclaim his ‘Boing.’” IMDB