Flu Infection: a girl of 13 years died at her home of the flu, on the night of the new year. Called to her bedside in Gluiras, the firemen and the Samu tried to revive her without success. The hospital in Valencia confirmed that the girl is seen in consultation in the pediatric emergency on Friday around 3 pm for flu-like symptoms. But at that time, her condition did not prove her hospitalization. Pascal Terrasse, deputy and former head of the department of Ardeche, twitted on the subject and recalled that the flu should “not be taken lightly.” The 2015 influenza epidemic considered a “large scale,” contributed to a record winter excess mortality of 18,300 deaths in France, according to the last assessment of the Institute of Health Surveillance.

90% of influenza deaths are for over 65 years of age

For Pascal Terrasse, this dramatic disappearance reminds us that older people – even if they represent 90% of premature deaths due to influenza – are not the only ones affected by the disease. Hence the importance of hygiene and prevention of everyday life, such as washing hands, avoiding kissing during an epidemic, precautions that not be underestimated.

Flu Infection: how my daughter died from a simple case of flu - HealthyEve

How to treat the flu?

The treatment of seasonal influenza associates with rest, rehydration, and taking medication to relieve symptoms (antipyretic in the case of fever). To reduce the duration of symptoms and the appearance of complications, the use of antivirals is very early and remains limited to very fragile people. Natural solutions can also help you withstand the flu.

Flu Infection: how my daughter died from a simple case of flu - HealthyEve

Influenza vaccination

The flu vaccine is often commonplace; however, influenza causes many deaths each year. If you are over 65 or have some chronic diseases, you can benefit from the free vaccine, better protection against infection. For others, especially children, the usefulness of vaccination remains debated. Vaccination needs to renewed every year because the virus is constantly changing its shape.

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Influenza in the Elderly

Influenza seniors Far from being a mild illness, the consequences of the flu are dramatic for the elderly or fragile. Almost all (90%) of the deaths related to influenza are for people over 65 years of age. Free vaccination for seniors and the most fragile remains the best means of protection against this virus. Be careful; it is effective only after 10 to 15 days, so do not delay to get vaccinated from the initiated campaign.

Flu Infection: how my daughter died from a simple case of flu - HealthyEve

Influenza in children

Regarding influenza in the epidemic case, one in three children is affected by the flu, compared to one in ten adults. But the slightly different symptoms and the shorter duration of infection in the younger makes the diagnosis less obvious. Treatment involves rest, adequate hydration, and fever reduction based mostly on paracetamol and ibuprofen. Beyond the risks of complications, the younger ones also play an essential role in the spread of the virus. Their vaccination is the subject of recurrent debates.

Flu Infection: how my daughter died from a simple case of flu - HealthyEve

Influenza in Pregnant women

Pregnancy flu Pregnant women are among those vulnerable to the influenza virus, as are the elderly and young children. Pregnancy would increase the risk of severe complications in the event of infection with the influenza virus. They benefit from the free vaccine, which is prescribed by a doctor, a gynecologist, or a midwife as early as October.

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Influenza A (H1N1 virus)

Influenza A In 2009, influenza An epidemic is spreading globally and mobilizing the World Health Organization. In France, the management of this “crisis” remains particularly controversial: massive stocking of antivirals whose effectiveness remains disputed, mass vaccination via dedicated centers, inadequate communication. Doctissimo is back on this epidemic and tells you everything about the H1N1 virus.

Flu Infection: how my daughter died from a simple case of flu - HealthyEve

Bird flu

Avian flu Propagated by migratory birds, the avian flu virus created a psychosis in 2006, evoking the risk of the influenza pandemic. Since then, bird flu has returned periodically without raising any concerns except among breeders, with the dangers of a rapid and deadly spread from animal to human being small. ViviGeek provides an update on avian influenza, its dangers, or the absence of risk related to the consumption of poultry.

Flu Infection: how my daughter died from a simple case of flu - HealthyEve