Walking has many health benefits. This exercise helps to burn calories and strengthen muscles. Better yet, walk regularly would help fight insomnia and depression!

The health benefits of walking

According to recent studies, four out of five women who start walking for exercise take the game; however, 50% of women who choose another activity, such as swimming, climbing stairs, running, drop it in a few weeks. Why is this so? Is that walking is an accessible physical activity that fits perfectly in a day’s work, and especially if you break it into three 10-minute sessions. Another virtue of walking: this exercise fights insomnia and depression and costs practically nothing. You only need a good pair of shoes, bought in a specialty store for the sport.

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health benefits walking

Start walking slowly but surely, and then increase the pace gradually

At first, stop once you are breathless or if you have pain in the joints. You must provide a slight effort, but you do not have to suffer either! People relatively fit can start walking 10 minutes a day and increase the duration of their 10% of sessions each week.

The first week, walk 10 minutes three times a week. The following week, increase the length of your steps 10%, or a minute, and so on. At first, have a goal to extend the duration of the exercise; do not worry about speed. When you feel ready, insert short jogging sessions to involve other muscles without too much effort. Also, from time to time, adopt a rapid pace, about 10 km / h, for three minutes.

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Can’t you practice walking outside? Choose the treadmill!

It’s not as fun as walking outdoors, but the treadmill still has its advantages and health benefits. First, we tend to walk faster on a treadmill and not taking a break, so they burn more calories. Moreover, many treadmills have a cushioned surface that reduces by 40% the impact of walking on the joints. Some treadmills are also equipped with dials that display your heart rate also distance. And finally, one last big advantage: the weather will not spoil your walking sessions!

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