Hebron is Casting Director, Sound, Crew, Photographer, Cinematographer, Writer, Producer, Director, Actor (Southern California, CA), and working On Ramen Soup

Favorite Books

“How to be a Hermit or A Bachelor Keeps House,” by Will Cuppy, “Without Feathers,” by Woody Allen, and anything by Murakami. Also “Dancing into Darkness,” on Japanese Butoh, and “The Theatre and It’s Double,” by Antonin Artaud.

Favorite Music

Hip hop. Folk. I love Leonard Cohen and Big Daddy Kane. Percee P. Donna Summer. Tori Amos. Mos Def.

Favorite Talent

Parker Posie. Bruce Greenwood. P. S. Hoffman. Wong Kar Wei. Gen Sekiguchi. Seijun Suzuki. Atom Egoyan. P. T. Anderson. Shinya Tsukamoto. Asano Tadanobo. Takashi Ishii. Q. Tarantino.

Favorite Quotes

“onwards and upwards to the top.” – Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers)

Favorite Movies

“The Graduate,” “In the Mood for Love,” “Kill Bill v.1 and 2,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Branded to Kill,” “Exotica,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Magnolia,” “Survive Style 5,” “The Taste of Tea,” and “Eyes Wide Shut,” “Funky Forest,” “Mirror,” “Drunken Master,” “Legend of Drunken Master,” and “Weekend.” I also recently saw a short called “Missing Pages,” which is amazing and I love the Japanese TV series known as “Vermilion Pleasure Night v.1” and anything by Chalie Kaufman or Michele Gondry.

Interests and Activities


Favorite TV Shows

Love reality TV. I also enjoy the comedy network.

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