I guess every one of us has been in such a kind of these situations that you need to tell a funny story to impress the audience. There are several kinds of stories, but the most challenging story is that you need to bring humor through to the people around you. But I can assure you that telling a funny story isn’t so easy. In fact, sometimes it’s probably impossible to make people laugh. But with using your imagination and a lot of practice, you’ll get them to laugh. Here are some tips that might help you to be able to tell a funny story without getting embarrassed at the end of your storytelling:

1 One of the best ways to tell a funny story is to share an embarrassing moment you had with the audience as when you do that, you would be able to invite laughter because everyone can connect this moment with some situation he might have before. It’d be hilarious.

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2 Don’t try so hard to be funny. Does it sound strange? I’ll tell you why, as when you force yourself to be funny, you won’t be as it would appear fake. You’ll be someone boring and silly.

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3 Try to keep your story as short as you can. People don’t like to listen for a long period, so try to tell your story in a short time not to lose their attention or to get bored. Three to five minutes at maximum.

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4 Make gestures with your hands and your face to attract the people and make them listen to you willingly. These gestures, for example, are, getting the annoyed, worried, or angry expression on your face. You can make a surprised face too; it’d be looking funny for sure.

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5 Don’t get nervous about what others might think of you when you get to tell the story, as your feeling of worry will appear on your face. Work on your feelings of fear of humiliation and rejection from the others. Try not to think of anything but your story and bringing people to laugh no matter what might happen after that.

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6 Then, create something from your imagination which could be hilarious and show it to the people or you can even use your face to make a funny look on your face or by using some other tools.

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I guess now that if some of these situations have happened to you, you would be able to manage. As I told you before, telling a funny story isn’t too easy but not impossible. You need to get some practice, having a creative imagination and you’ll be fine. I hope you to enjoy this article when you get to read it.