If you are one of those who work for long hours to find themselves extremely exhausted at the end of the day, then you will surely like to discover more about what is presented here. We spend most of our day sitting or standing without moving the whole body in a proper way which affects all the parts of our body but when you stand or walk for a long time, you will find that the parts which are more affected by what you do are your feet. Your feet may hurt to the extent that you find yourself unable to stand or walk on them naturally without feeling pain. There are many solutions that can help you to tackle this problem such as resorting to medical treatment or resting your feet to be able to walk or stand on them later as you usually do. But both of these solutions may sound unsuitable for you, so why do not you try to resort to another better solution which is foot massage? Foot massage does not just allow you to rest your feet in an inexpensive way, but also helps you to relax the whole body and enjoy your time while getting a foot massage. Nothing is better than that, but before you feel it, you have to learn how to do it.

1. Select a comfortable place: Before starting a foot massage, you have to prepare yourself for it. Choose a comfortable place that allows you to sit and rest your body and feet while getting a foot massage.

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2. Protect the resting area from stains: Use a towel for covering the area on which you are going to rest your feet during the massage as giving a foot massage requires using cream or massage oils that can stain any surface.


3. Clean your feet: Take a foot bath through bringing a tub of warm to hot water mixed with foaming gel or scented essential oils to give your feet a good smell. Put your feet in the tub for about 10 minutes and rub them gently to remove any dirt. Dry your feet after finishing. This step will help you to both clean your feet and relax.

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4. Select the cream or massage oil that you like: Using a cream or massage oil is essential for getting foot massage as they facilitate the process and help you to relax. Both creams and oils are perfect for foot massage and they help in softening the skin. You can create a combination of creams and oils in different scents according to what suits your taste.


5. Make the cream or massage oil warm: Warming the cream or massage oil before usage will help you to relax and to be completely comfortable while getting a foot massage.


6. Rub your foot from the top to the bottom: Hold your foot using both hands and start rubbing it slowly from the top to the bottom. Change direction to rub your foot slowly from the bottom to the top. Increase the pressure while moving downwards and reduce it while moving upwards.


7. Rub the heel & ball of your foot with your thumbs: Rub the whole heel with your thumbs and make small circles while rubbing with medium to heavy pressure. After finishing rubbing your heel, repeat this again but on the ball of your foot.

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8. Use both thumbs on the heel in different directions: Push up and down on your heel using your thumbs that move in different directions. While moving one thumb upwards, the other one should be moved downwards.

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9. Rub the ankle bone: Rub the ankle bone and around it gently using your hands on both sides of your ankle. Move your hands gently in a circular way to get good results.


10. Massage the arch of your foot: Close your hand in the form of a fist and press the arch of your foot through using the tops of your fingers. Roll your fist back and forth while applying pressure to the arch of your foot.


11. Do not forget your toes: Do not massage all your toes at the same time, but give each one its time and massage them individually. Pull on each toe gently and move your index finger back and forth in the gap between your toes. Rub the base of your toes through using your thumb and index finger.

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