Girls always find troubles at making their hairstyles at home as some of them don’t have much time to spend in front of the mirror and they don’t like to bother themselves with the complicated hairstyles. So there are some things here in this article will teach you some new and easy ways to make your hairstyle at home , not to bother to go to the hairdressers ‘ shops or spend time or money on your hair anymore.


– First hairstyle braids of all kinds, French or simple or spike hairdo became stars of Hollywood and all celebrities’ hairstyles, in normal days and events. We suggest you braids with a special simple touch could be done at home for normal and special days as well. Explained and understood the image.

Second hairstyle –


It’s a simple one for all ages could be done in a short time especially for the type of hard work material women so if you need a simple hairstyle and also want to go to a party or a special event. Here it is the hairstyle for you. You’d use a headband to roll your hair up from the middle and use pins to keep this part rolled in its place, then you’d have a beautiful hairstyle through an easy and simple way. Note: It also could be done for the medium length hair.

– Third hairstyle


If you like to use simple accessories in your hairstyle and make it have a unique and nice look, then use this wonderful hairstyle to look normal and beautiful as it’s very easy to do. You just have to use your hands to roll your hair from its side down on your neck and put the hair accessory to make it look wonderful.

– Fourth hairstyle



If you want to be present at a party and don’t have much time to go to the hairdresser’s, so you can easily make this wonderful hairstyle braids and I assure you that you’ll look exactly like a Hollywood or an Indian actress. I hope you will like it. It consists of different styles of braids and then rolling your hair up and you could put some hair accessory on it or not. It’s all up to you. It’s really a lovely hairstyle.

– Fifth hairstyle type

This beautiful hairstyle for special events only such as birthdays’ parties and weddings. And It’s too easy to make, you just have to separate your hair into many parts and roll each part around each other to make it look like a flower. You could use hairspray and pins to keep each part in its place. It looks unique and simple. I love it.