Are you one of those like keeping pets in their homes? Do you like dogs and puppies? Do you have a new dog or puppy and want to choose a new name for it but do not know how to do that?

It is always said that dogs are man’s best friends to the extent that they are believed to be better than humans. If there is a human friend who is honest and deserves to be trusted, she is described to be faithful as a dog. Do you have a friend who is like a dog? It is nearly impossible to say yes.

Anyway, keeping a dog or puppy at home makes you very happy as it is considered to be a good companion and has other several benefits. Keeping dogs and puppies is also perfect for children since they can play with the dog or puppy to enjoy their time and entertain themselves. The problem is when you bring a new dog or get a new puppy you find that it is difficult for you to name it. Do you want to know how to name your new dog or puppy? Here is a quick glance at ten tips that can help you to pick an ear-catching name for your new dog or puppy.

1 Make it short

Dogs can easily and quickly learn short names which are just one or two syllables. Longer names are more complicated and difficult to be recognized. Choosing a short name will also make it easier for you when you use it to call your dog to come to you.



2 Make it start with a sharp consonant & end with a vowel

Those names that start with a sharp sound such as “S, K, SH and CH” and end with a vowel such as long “E” and short “A” catch your dog’s attention and make it respond faster than other names that are usually used by dog owners.



3 Avoid choosing a confusing name

Those names that sound similar to other words especially the commands that dogs should follow will make your dog get confused since dogs cannot differentiate between words that sound similar and confuse them with each other.



4 Avoid using traditional & popular names

Avoid traditional and popular names since they may make your dog run to others when it hears its name and you may find others’ dogs run to you when you call your dog’s name. The name you choose should be suitable for being used in public.

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5 Choose a name that sounds similar to the old name

If you are bored with your dog’s name and want to change it, then you have to choose a name that sounds similar to the old name to be easy for your dog when you use it to call him. The vowel sounds should be kept the same without being changed at all while the consonants can be easily changed without problems.



6 Try your dog’s name before making it permanent

Before making the new name that you chose for your dog permanent, you have to try it several times for one day or more to decide whether the name is suitable for you and your dog or not. If you find that you do not like the name, go for another one.


7 Ask others before using their names

If you want to use for your dog the name of anyone whom you know whether the person is a friend or family member, then you have to ask this person first because some people may consider using their names for a dog a disrespect.


8 Let your dog’s personality & appearance inspire you

The name that you choose should suit your dog’s personality, and you can derive the name from the appearance or unique characteristics of your dog. The color of the coat, type, and shape of hair, tail, size and other features that can be found in your dog are more than enough for inspiring you.



9 Get a cool name from the online lists

If you find it difficult to choose a name for your dog on your own, visit the online sources that provide you with the needed help and present to you lists of ear-catching names from which you can choose what suits your taste and your dog or puppy. You can also choose one of the catchy dog names in movies or books.



10 Foreign names

Do you like strange names or those names that belong to other languages and cultures? If it is yes, then why do not you try to choose a name for your dog in a foreign language? The name will be different and ear-catching in the place where you live making your dog unique.



Some ear-catching names that you may like for your dog or puppy

Chico, Simba, Delilah, Kassie, Sweetie, Sampson, Daisy, Possum, Argos, Snowy, Kaiser, Fritz, Murphy, Coco, Pierre, Molly, Bella, Buddy, Max, Bailey, Lola, Abby, Lucky, Mia, Lilly, Missy, Baxter, Zeus, Katie and Stella.