Plucking your hair ears could be a painful process. So we need to follow some simple tips and use painless tools to do it safely with no pain.


First of all, you should choose the right tools to pluck hair from your ears like scissors or tweezers (preferred), hot water, enlarging mirror and moistening skin cream to massage it gently on the skin at the end of this process.

You should clean your ears first using a small piece of cotton put into hot water to be able to pluck your hair ears easily. You should also use a good mirror to show you all the hair inside.

hair ears Anyway, you should pluck the hair very carefully not to cause any problem to the eardrum or to the skin as any small mistake could make a huge damage. If you can use a friend’s help, it’d be great. You can also use an ordinary or electric razor to remove the hair which is inside the canal of the ear and hard to reach.

You can also use waxing method, as it also removes the hair from the roots, and it takes weeks to grow back, but you have to be careful not to let it reach the ear inside. It could be painful if you didn’t take your precautions.

hair ears

If you have a sensitive skin, you can shave or cut the hair in your ear but these ways won’t remove the hair from its roots.

After plucking or removing the hair, you could use cold water or skin cream to eliminate the red spots which would be at your skin after removing the hair. If you used a cream with some vitamins, it’d be very useful to your skin.

Electronic and laser hair removals provide us with a permanent solution, but both of these methods require a lot of professional treatments. These are the most expensive method of hair removal.

hair ears
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