Are you new to the world of yoga? Do you want to discover more about it and its basics? Do you want to start doing it? Yoga aims to completely transform your life since it is a number of practices that affect you physically, mentally and spiritually. It is difficult to find any other type of exercise that can do the same and this is why there are many people who resort to doing yoga aiming to change their life and get rid of the stress from which they suffer to enjoy a happy and new lifestyle. Doing yoga has recently increased among people to be found in different countries around the world which reflects the increasing awareness of the benefits of yoga and the great effects that are capable of changing our lives. There are several studios or health clubs that give you the chance to do yoga, but why do you go to such places while you can do yoga at home? Do you ask yourself how to do this? Here is the answer. Take a look at the following steps that will allow you to start doing yoga at home.

1. Decide you goals before starting yoga


Before starting doing yoga, you first have to decide your goals and why you want to practice it. Yoga is presented in different styles and people differ in the reasons that motivate them to do yoga. Yoga can be done for alleviating stress, improving physical shape and strength when it is done as a physical exercise, healing illnesses and more purposes that increase our health and improve our lifestyle. Deciding your goals will help you to quickly achieve the results that you dream of.

2. Yoga mat & DVDs

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Since you will start doing yoga at home, you will need to purchase few items including a yoga mat and yoga DVDs to start learning how to do yoga on your own. Choosing yoga DVDs is based on your goals and your level whether you are still a beginner or experienced and need to learn more about yoga practice.

3. Look for a quiet place


Looking for a quiet place is one of the most essential requirements that you have to find for starting doing yoga. In addition to the serene atmosphere, you also need a suitable space that is wide enough for you to move freely in different directions without destroying anything around you. To increase the serenity of the atmosphere around you, you can light some candles or burn incense.

4. Choose the most suitable time for doing yoga


You are going to do yoga for at least one hour which means that during this time, you have to keep away from anything that may disturb you or make you leave doing yoga such as mobile phones and people who are at the same place in which you do yoga.

5. Prepare yourself before doing yoga


Before doing yoga, you have to prepare yourself, focus your thoughts and relax your mind through doing a breathing exercise and short meditation.

6. Practice yoga regularly


Deciding how often you are going to practice yoga depends on your needs and your free time. It will be better for you to practice yoga on daily basis as the more you practice yoga, the more benefits you will get and the quicker you will achieve the desired results.

7. Variety of practices & poses


Focusing on just one type of practices and poses is not recommended and this is why you have to add variety to yoga practice in order to increase the benefits that you get from doing yoga and to change your lifestyle. You can do different types of poses throughout the week instead of doing just one type.

8. Record your progress


In order to proceed and to encourage yourself to move to higher and deeper levels, you have to write down everything you experience during doing yoga including the benefits that you get from yoga practice, the changes that happen in your life and to your body and more to find whether you benefit from doing yoga or not and to decide what you need to achieve your goals.

9. Patience


In order to achieve the results that you want and the goals that you seek for, you have to be patient while doing yoga and do not forget that yoga practice is chiefly based on concentration and engaging the whole body including your mind and heart.

10. Do not eat or drink

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Eating too much and feeling full before doing yoga is not recommended at all and this why you have to eat small portions a few hours before yoga practice. You shouldn’t also drink water during doing yoga and instead of that drink water before and after yoga practice. Wearing socks and shoes is not required for doing yoga, so you do not have to wear them like other types of exercises.

A few yoga poses that you can benefit from

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