Being a teenager, we all have been there, and we thought that it would be the worst time of our lives, especially girls. Acne, hormones, and all the changes of the way they look, they think, they feel, and how they deal with the grownups. Girls seem to get lost through this phase of their life swinging between childhoods and growing up. Teenage girls think that parents do not understand that they are growing up and they may even refuse their guidance thinking that they are equal to their parents

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Fascination about being women who control the way they think making them trying to prove it in everything they do, not caring about any consequences of their reckless deeds. Not mentioning the loud voice and being stubborn become the main characteristics of girls’ behavior in this phase. It happens that being a teenager is probably the most important phase of people’s life. It is when people take their very first steps making a future; The time when they start thinking about tomorrow and considering their options of better life, but teen girls believe that life is only about having fun and dreaming. They may have imaginations of specific things they want to do in their future life and think that any trying to tell them to be real is a way of depriving them of their dreams. In fact, they have the right to dream. They have every right to be imaginative as they can, as long as they can find the wise person to tell them how to be prepared to make those dreams come true.

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It is a well-known fact that teenagers’ personalities in such a phase of their lives are a way different from what they were when they were children or even from what their parents wanted them to be like. Girls in such a phase are possessed by being pretty and popular. They dream about great future with a successful career, as well as having fun. They never want a gloomy serious life without a chance to breathe out.

What comes on the top of their obsessions is love. Being a kid, a teen, or a grown woman, it does not make a difference when it comes to love. They might spend their whole life waiting for prince charming. In this stage of their lives, they are immature and impatient, and cannot wait for the right time nor the right one. Considering that they like to be treated like women, they get mad when they find out that their feelings, which are most of the time are untrue or for the wrong person, are being laughed at. Such a reaction pushes the teens to be more stubborn to prove they are right. In another case, making judgments on those feelings and punishing your girls push them towards hiding them and lying about it. After that, lying extends to include every action they do. Choosing the wrong way to deal with such a situation has negative effects on a teen girl personality.

teenagers and their feelings

teenagers and their feelings

It may even affect her plans for her future, as she may be distracted or even lose confidence. She, also, may never know what the right thing to do when she is in love or how to deal with it and with her boyfriend. She needs to have the guidance to understand her feelings and how to deal with them. Love is not a sin to be punished on. She just needs to know how to choose the right guy and to wait for the right time. Over and above, she needs to know how to get her mind focused on that successful future she dreams about.

how to choose the right guy

how to choose the right guy

Girls spend most of the time worrying about how they look and after the years pass they find out that they were so wrong. They start blaming being stuck at a tedious job or having lost their dreams on not exerting the needed effort when they had to or me on not understanding the truth of the nature of life earlier. Well, maybe it is the mistake of all time to see things more apparent when it is too late. Anyway, the downs of life-related to this phase of girl’s life are not only about her career. It is also about her consideration of concepts like love, freedom, and responsibility; Moreover, her relationship with her family and friends.

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The conflict between the teen and her parents could extend for many years if they didn’t deal with in the right way. Also, the way she decides on choosing her friends may subject her to bad experiences with unworthy friends. It has to be clear that adolescence is the time when a girl should start learning to feel responsible for her actions and choices; not by telling her, but by giving her the chance to make her decision and being there for her when she needs some guidance. She needs to know that even freedom is a responsibility she has to be up to.  Life is only good for those who experience things and learn out of their mistakes; those who consider other people experiences to avoid making the same mistakes.

One other thing every teen girl needs to learn, it is about making priorities and decisions on what comes first of all their interests; love, look, friends, or success. They need to know that deciding on that may affect the how their life will be like.  Also, they need to know that however they are not being understood, it is just a stage of their personality’s development and that they have to do their best to make it a positive development. As a parent or a friend you have to understand the unusual nature of such a life phase when you deal with a teen girl. You have to give her the space to express herself. As she needs to know that she has to be responsible, you to have to see that you are responsible for guiding your girl and teaching her that each day of our life, each situation, each experience, and even each conflict is just what makes us who we are.