Immunization: The author and researcher explain why he supports immunization programs, arguing that we tend to forget the terrible diseases that existed before they implanted. Avoid ‘Ah! And then damn! I could pursue the litany indefinitely. If it is true that we should banish some of these things, there is an “Avoid” that I can not take: advising parents to avoid vaccination is not justified by science and is downright dangerous.

Immunization is perhaps the most important advance in the history of medicine

I survived, but unfortunately one of my second-year comrades died. Thanks to vaccination, the last case of smallpox recorded in 1978. The World Health Organization estimates that the disease caused 500 million deaths in the 20th century and that, until 1967, it mowed life Of two million people a year. An incidence of hepatitis B and tetanus is 40 times lower than it was, an incidence of rubella 200 times, and the incidence of mumps 400 times. The effectiveness of vaccination is simply indisputable. How can we think that this is a matter of debate? How can some parents decide not to vaccinate their children?

Chlamydia Infection

Immunization: For me, it’s a real enigma

I can see in this attitude only a growing mistrust of the medical establishment, fueled notably by the results of a study that science discredited but which was widely publicized, by the profusion of wrong information circulating on the Internet and by a misunderstanding of the difference between association and relation of cause and effect.

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Immunization: Vaccination indeed presents certain risks

Itching, joint pain, and fever are well documented side effects of immunization. On occasion, too, we have responded too slowly to some security issues. Thus, oral administration of polio vaccines has actually caused the onset of the disease in a few rare cases. Unfortunately, it was 20 years before the injectable form considered safer. It was also discovered that a vaccine to fight an intestinal infection affecting nearly four million babies in North America caused an increase in severe cases of intestinal collapse, which led to its abandonment.

Although there is no scientific evidence that thimerosal, a preservative containing mercury and added to certain vaccines, is associated with any disease. It should probably have been withdrawn more quickly when it became clear That mercury had negative effects in other contexts.

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