“Eat five fruits and vegetables a day,” “Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.” All such indications remind us that the state of our health depends largely on our diet! But what precisely the impact that our diet has on our health?
While we could write a whole book on all diseases directly related to our diet (obesity, malnutrition, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.), we will settle for an article summarizing the essential points to remember about the influence our diet on our health.

Our diet directly affects our fitness

The advertisements we chant every day: what we eat directly affects our physical state. Although some have the chance to fill with sugar, sodas, and other food wonders without taking a gram, all accumulated sugar disrupts their metabolism.

influence diet on our health

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But what is metabolism specifically?

Metabolism is the set of molecular and energy transformations that take place without interruption in the cell or living organism. This determines our energy level and is greatly influenced by our hormonal condition through nutrition and physical activity.

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What are the effects of different foods?

The sugar-rich foods will tend to excite the body, but a state of fatigue will quickly be felt followed by a mad desire to eat sugar again. Hence the fact that a very large meal in fast food causes excessive hunger a few hours later. Sugar became ubiquitous in the foods we eat, which literally blew our average consumption per year sugar. Do not be surprised if you eat fatty foods, very sweet (and salty) and you feel much more tired. It is obvious that the 300 grams of steak and a good portion of fries dripping oil fat are not going to help you keep your eyes open for the 13-hour meeting. Your body will need the energy to digest everything!

Conversely, the consumption of fish, fruit, and vegetables will help you replenish your energy and continue your day. However, it might not be worth going overboard by depriving you of everything that you want. Doing so may resist until you decide that “enough is enough” and that chocolate eclair, which tends your arm deserves the love you give. Indeed, food not only influences our physical fitness, but it also affects our mental fitness!

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Food makes smarter (or not)

Needless again to mention, all the advertisements that tell us that eating “catechins” (antioxidants), the “omega-3”, B vitamins, folic acid, and other organic substances tomes outputs nutritionists us help to be “happy and healthy.” However, it was proven that diet influences the neurological system, memory, attention, language learning, etc. The same supply impacts from pregnancy! In the foods concerned, we still find the time fish! It promotes optimal brain development of the fetus and still affects one year after his birth! Thus, a healthy diet from the early years of life has an impact on the development of neurological abilities throughout life.

Foods with the most nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, and legumes. For a maximum of minerals in the diet, it is advisable to eat foods from organic farming. The “bio” food has many benefits that have already been covered in this article.

Today we know more and more food is used for curing Benign diseases, keep your spirits, and recharge energy. It is why certain foods or feed mixtures are referred to as nutraceuticals. Recently, it has even been proven that people who ate fish once a week had a brain larger than average.

So feel free to review your diet to replenish energy and “intelligence”! Of course, keep you happy, but feel free to substitute some bad habits “healthy” habits. You may, for example, decide not to buy the sandwich filled with mayonnaise in the cafeteria and make yourself !? You can also opt for cooking with olive oil rather than butter. Think also of alternatives “fun” as arrange with a co-worker so that each of you brings something to share. You bring a homemade pie and it brings the salad or soup that serves as accompaniment. This way you eat healthily, you share your meal and you have not spent the evening cooking!

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