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Shooting Ricardo Arjona’s TV Special. In Mexico



Poquita Ropa

He was born and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Joaquin has done more than 70 music videos for major artists like Maná, Calle 13, Arjona, Julieta Venegas, Gustavo Cerati, and others. He also directed many commercials and short films. Five times MTV LA Awards nominated for the best music video.



  • Un viaje a la Luna, 2018

Un viaje a la Luna Joaquin Cambre - 1

  • A Trip to the Moon, 2017

“Tomas is an outcast young teenager trying to pass an exam. His family is constantly pressing him, and her mother forces him to take antipsychotic drugs. In his need to escape, Tomas plans an intriguing trip to the moon. In this particular journey where reality and fiction mingles, he will disentangle an old family secret.” IMDB

  • Chayanne: Tu Respiracion (Short), 2014

  • Eres mia (Short), 2014

  • Romeo Santos: Propuesta Indecente (Video short), 2013

  • Arjona Feat. Gaby Moreno: Fuiste Tú (Short), 2012

  • Mana – Mi reina del dolor (Short), 2012

  • Poquita Ropa (TV Movie), 2011

  • Calle 13: Electromovimiento (Short), 2009

  • Gambeteando la vida (Short), 2004

  • Pinchame (Short), 2003

  • Tu fantasía o la mía (Short), 2002