By Christine Vachon

WOW. We’ve got more than 300 scripts to read, and with more than half being submitted right under the deadline, we’re still trying to find time to give every pitch the sort of thorough review they each deserve. That means reading each script, watching each pitch video, taking notes when we can, but mostly arguing over which ideas are our favorites and why. There have been some really surprising, intelligent approaches to this project, and we’re excited about the overall quality on the site right now – so many of these scripts possess a clear vision and with the Ace’s support, we know that they’re almost all makeable.

Not having to worry about locations, just working with actors, setting up the perfect shots and getting all of the best stuff on screen… it will be a real breath of fresh air! Even considering the wealth of unique approaches that were taken by writers, there’s also a really cool overlap in the sort of themes and aesthetics that are being utilized, which has gotten us excited about what a collection of these shorts would look like when pulled together. We’re looking forward to narrowing the field in the next couple of days and participating in a more involved development process with the community in the coming weeks, so please bear with us and be patient while we give each individual project its due. Thanks so much to everyone who was bold and creative enough to put their work on display.

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Christine Vachon