If you want to play baseball, you should begin with learning the basics of the game. There seem to be 18 players in two teams (nine in each team) on the two lines or fences of the yard. On each fence, the nine players should be at the same batting order. There’s a place for the pitcher as he is the guy who is throwing the ball to the catcher. The catcher’s location is behind the hall play, and he is the only person who plays in the foul territory. The catcher should be staying in the squatting position to receive the ball. The other players are located to the right side of the dirt area. There are second and third basemen in the center and the left side of the same area.

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1 First of all, there should be two teams: the offensive and the defensive. The pitcher should throw the ball to the catcher. He should be in an imaginary strike zone as a rectangle to make his strike. The top part of the strike zone should be the chest of the batter, and the lower part of the area is the knees of the batter.  Everything happens in this rectangle zone is basically recorded as a strike. Each batter gets three strikes, and if he doesn’t place the ball in its place, he will be declared out.

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2 If the pitcher fails to throw the ball into the strike zone rectangle, it’s recorded as a ball. When four balls are recorded, the batter is awarded the first base, so he goes unchallenged to the first base. Strikeouts can record outs if the ball was caught in the air by the defensive player, also if the defensive player caught the ball in his ground, the catcher got the ball, or the defensive team tagged the runner before completing the running course.

The catcher

The catcher

The runner

The runner

3 If the team gets three outs, the two teams will switch their positions. You shouldn’t forget that during the offensive play, all players act as batters, trying to hit the ball. When that happens, the batter should begin to run to score a point. The defensive team tries to tag the batter at the 2nd base and recover the ball so that they can end the offensive gameplay and switch places.

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Now, I think that you have got some basic tips on how to play baseball. You should know each player’s role in the game and how and when everything gets done. You should also know about the strike zone, the pitcher, the batter, the runner and the three bases of the ground. You should know how to throw the ball and how to catch it in the squatting position. Also, watch some real time plays of this game to learn more about it. Good luck!