sinerius director 1 Sean's Director Pitch - 1

By Sean Sinerius
Director. DP. Editor

Director’s Statement

From looking at the synopsis and the short sample script provided, I see an overall character based movie with a lot of teen/young-adult humor. It’s the type of humor we see in a lot today’s successful comedies that have a lot of good dialogue, good timing, awkward moments and crude humorous jokes… But I also see the other side of the movie that really drives it forward which is the real story at heart. A group of guys that create a company to get people hired and in the middle of it, a romance that in the end questions Nate’s conscious and future. It’s a great story that I know I can execute. You ask how?

Aesthetically, I would want to shoot the movie all digital (preferably on the RED one, if the budget is willing). I do want the movie to have a cinema quality in terms of framing, so I would want to shoot it with a 2.35 aspect ratio. I’ve used that format before in other short films and music videos I’ve done in the past and it definitely gives it that cinematic feel.

The color palette to this movie would be a lot of natural tones, the only color grading in post-production would be enhancing what’s already there. As a very hands-on director with cinematography, I feel very confident that I can visually make a movie that’s pleasing to the eye. I see this movie using a good mix of smooth dolly moves and static shots.

As I said in the beginning, this is a character based movie and a lot of it relies on those great comedic performances and timing of the talent. In my opinion, these performances need to have dialogue that’s quick/witty/awkward/realistic to their age and the time we live in. I’m a director that likes to play with a lot of improv on the set and try things on the spur of the moment. I see some good opportunities to play with the script and its dialogue.

Using the resources that I had available to me, I decided to take the sample scene, change it up and add some material that I saw fit. This scene can be viewed under my pitch video. I also cut a separate five-minute version that has some of the original material from the online sample. If you would like to see it, please e-mail me and will gladly send you the link.

I believe my experience and overall skill-set makes me a good candidate to direct this film. Please take a look at my reel and sample scene and consider me for a director on this project.

My Bio

Sean has always had a passion for cinema. Growing up he loved all sorts of genres, but eventually fell in love with action movies. Dabbling around with his father’s camcorder, he began to make his own action movies with siblings and friends from around the neighborhood. It wasn’t until midway through his freshmen year, he discovered the ways of digital filmmaking.

From then on, his passion for filmmaking took him to a whole new level. As an athlete would practice on the field after school, he was filming short films for competitions. It became an obsession as he decided during his sophomore year that he wanted to become a film director. Continuing onto film school at the Art Institute of Phoenix, he became too busy with music videos, commercials and his day job that he decided to venture on his own path. This proved to be the best decision as he began to earn various awards for his work. Now 25 years old and residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Sean is directing/shooting/editing music videos, commercials and short films throughout Arizona.