13-year-old Sam lives with his dad at an amusement park. But today, with the arrival of his mother and a pink-haired girl, Sam is in for the ride of his life.

This is the story of Sam, a female-to-male transgender 13-year-old, who lives and works with his tough-looking, yet, sensitive, carnie dad at a small, family-owned amusement park. The film takes place on the day Sam’s estranged mother, who’s like a trashy Kathy Lee Gifford, is coming to take him away to live with her.

This is also the day that Sam meets Katie, the amusement park owner’s 14-year-old, rebellious, pink-haired niece. The instant Sam and Katie meet, they totally hate each other. Sam is very proud of the legacy of the amusement park. Katie thinks the park is crappy and for little kids. But, over the course of the day, their animosity turns into romance.

And, just as Sam and Katie are about to share their first kiss on the little kiddy rollercoaster, Sam’s mother shows up, calling him, “Samantha,” outing him to Katie, and totally humiliating him. Katie freaks out and runs away. Sam, rejected and devastated, has to leave with his mother, who continues to treat him like a girl, and continues to call him “Samantha.” But, that night, in a small act of defiance, Sam dyes his hair green with kool-aid and stands up to his mom, saying, “My name is Sam.”

Location: New York, NY

Genre: Drama

Cast and Crew

  • Writers
    Austen Rachlis
    Robin Wilby
  • Director
    Robin Wilby
  • Producers
    Julie Buck
    David Kaplan (co-producer)
    James Sehring (co-producer)
    Christine Vachon
    Ken Woo (executive producer)
  • Music by
    Ryan Cassata
  • Cinematography by
    Ming-Kai Leung
  • Film editing by
    Filippo Conz
    Danielle Morgan-Scharhon
  • Cast
    Chloe Levine
    James Colby
    Jimmy Palumbo
    Madeline Taylor
    Catherine Curtin
    Alano Miller
    Yashira Vasquez
    Dan Halloran
    Kevin Anton
    Christian Shaboo
    Benjamin Slater
    Matthew Slater

Characters of the Movie

  • Nick, “protagonist”

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  • Victor

james colby Loop Planes (2010) - 2

  • J. D.

Jimmy Palumbo Loop Planes (2010) - 3

  • Katie

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