When one has no choice other than to eat fast food or McDonald’s, it is hard to eat well and low calories. We have listed for you 3 dishes, to focus on. According to the nutritionist Patrick Pierre Sabatier, the rule is simple: “You have to eat less fat, less salt, less sugar.” A difficult target to meet when it comes to lunch at McDonald’s corner where everything is very fatty, too salty, or too sweet. There are still fast-food dishes that you can eat more easily if you do not want to gain 10kg with the first bite.

The pizza queen of fast food

The pizza is not necessarily recommended as flat as long as we do not add too many ingredients or fat to it. Once at the pizzeria, it favors those fish or seafood that are less caloric than the 4 cheese pizza or cheese/bacon.

low calorie fast food

2 21 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 1 low calorie fast food

3 18 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 2 low calorie fast food

The chicken wrap: to focus when you eat fast food

Always better than a hot dog full of sauce or a cheeseburger. The rice cake replaces the bread … and better. Is chosen in preference to chicken, but especially not breaded. For who said Breaded, Fried said. And who says Fried said fat do you want, that’s it. The chicken wrap seems to be finally the lowest calorie food from McDonald’s: to remember!

7 19 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 3 low calorie fast food

9 17 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 4 low calorie fast food

10 1 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 5 low calorie fast food

11 16 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 6 low calorie fast food

The milkshake, a good dessert fast food (and McDonald’s)

Difficult to say that milkshake or dessert lowest-calorie fast food. Yet it is the small pleasure that will do the least harm to our line. We forget the ice cream, ice cream, and other pastries. If we want a low-calorie dessert when you’re at McDonald’s, one picnic fruit salad or compote of child menu. But eating low-calorie fast food is not a cakewalk. To quote Dr. Patrick Pierre Sabatier: “When you go to fast food, we do not go to deny.”

16 16 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 7 low calorie fast food

15 13 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 8 low calorie fast food

19 8 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 9 low calorie fast food

17 7 1 Low-Calorie Fast Food - 10 low calorie fast food