A young skateboarder loses sight of who he is as he gets sucked into a world of drug dealing and wannabe gangsters in an affluent suburb.

Lunchin Lunchin' - 1Genre: Sports, Drama, Comedy

When Will is forced to transfer to a blue ribbon school in the affluent suburb of Potomac, he’s thrown into a culture bizarrely different from the diverse and positive skateboard community he loves. Potomac’s teenagers drive flashy cars, drink the most expensive alcohol, and buy and sell weed with their parents’ money. None of them has a job, and they all hate skateboarders. Will is drawn into a plot to rob a Potomac drug dealer and overnight goes from being a loser skater to one of the most popular kids in school. Will struggles to stay true to himself as he is consumed by a nihilistic youth culture infatuated with the gangster lifestyle.

Lunchin (adj.) Potomac Slang – when things just aren’t right

The film is loosely based on my experiences growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. Moving to Potomac (P-Mac) my junior year of high school is the inspiration for Lunchin’. For a detailed synopsis or more information about the project please contact me.

Dan Levy Dagerman Lunchin' - 2


Dan Levy Dagerman
New York, NY

Cast and Crew

  • Dan Levy Dagerman
    Writer and director

Characters of the movie

  • Will
    A young skateboarder

Skateboarder skateboarding Lunchin' - 3