People mostly want to check their blood pressure level to know if it’s normal or not. However, we need to identify the meaning of having a normal blood pressure level. We also need to figure out the readings on the charts of blood pressure level to understand the difference between low, high and normal blood pressure. Every one of us should have normal blood pressure as it is considered a crucial point for keeping us alive. This kind of normal blood pressure keeps our blood flowing around the circulatory system. Without this blood pressure, there would not be any deliverance of oxygen or any other healthy vital nutrients to our vital organs.

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What is normal?

Blood pressure normality is a tough question to answer, but doctors try to give simple answers as they can. In general, it shouldn’t be higher than 120 mmHg systolic and 80 mmHg diastolic. But you should know that blood pressure changes naturally and gets marked by short and long-term fluctuations as well. I guess that what matters is to keep our blood pressure on its average level in our bodies and not to eat or do anything that can cause it to rise above the normal level.

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Blood pressure readings

Blood pressure readings

As we said before, our blood flows through our body because of the difference in the pressure’s level. You also should know some basic stuff such as the systolic pressure is the higher figure on the chart that is originated by the heart, while the diastolic pressure is the lower pressure in the arteries when the heart rests between the beats and also shown on the bottom of the same chart. You should know how to read and understand these charts to be able to measure and identify your blood pressure by yourself. The reading is shown in terms that are abbreviated in mmHg (unit of blood pressure measurement).

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You should also keep yourself healthy by eating protein food sources as well as fruits and vegetables. Try to cut down the sodium level in your food as much as you can. You can also practice some regular aerobic exercise in the gym or even at home. Try not to drink heavily as it could affect your blood pressure level. Keep yourself away from stressful people or situations.

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I hope all these tips have been useful to you to keep your blood pressure normal as much as possible. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods with high sodium level as much as you can. You should also check your blood pressure from time to time and try to avoid any stress. I hope you to be healthy and have a long healthy life.