Many studies have claimed that there are some types of aromatherapy or essential oils that relieve stress and anxiety. Lemon oil is popularly known for having the ability to relieve stress. Lavender, peppermint, Jasmine, and Chamomile are also known as stress relievers. These oils can be used as anti-stress materials and also for muscles soreness.

True essential oils are distinct from fragrance oils which merely mimic certain plants without retaining their benefits. To make your aromatherapy essential oil, you’ll need some certain stuff such as the flower of the essential oil plant. You will also need some vodka, a jar with a lid, a bottle, a glass bowl, cheesecloth and a strainer. You’ll also need pounds of plant materials to be able to make a small amount of essence.

1 Begin with preparing the plant material by using a dehydrator to evaporate its natural water. Then the roses are ready to begin the extraction process.

A dehydrator

A dehydrator

2 You can then shred the roses into the jar and pour vodka till it covers the plant roses.

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3 Close the jar and shake the contents for about five minutes. You should place that jar in an undisturbed place. Check it every day to give it several shakes for several minutes till the roses lose their color.

Aromatherapy usage

4 Then you can use the strainer to spill the liquid in the jar into the glass bowl. You should shake the roses in the cheesecloth and squeeze it by hand to get the last drop of vodka out.

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5 You should place the resulted liquid into the jar and close the lid. You should also put the jar into a quiet corner for about two weeks till the essential oil gets separated from the vodka.

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How to Make Aromatherapy Essential Oils to Relieve Stress - 4

6 The last step is to place the jar into the freezer as vodka doesn’t freeze. You should then pour the vodka into a jar by using a small cheesecloth before the essential oil gets melted. You can then separate the essential oil from the vodka into two separated jars.

Extracted essential oils in jars

Extracted essential oils in jars

You can try this method with different types of essential oil plants to make a recipe that can relieve your stress. You can also use these oils for muscle soreness or during a workout. I hope this article has been useful to you. Good luck at making your essential oils for relieving stress at home.