If you have been in a short time relationship and have doubts about it, you should consider some few tips in your mind to be able to decide to end this relationship or not. You have to think if you are happy with that man/woman or not. Do you feel safe with him/her or entirely insecure? Do you imagine your whole future living with him/her and have your own children together or the otherwise? Do you share the same ambitions and dreams together or everyone has his own life?

If you have all these thoughts and feelings, keep reading for following are some useful pieces of advice to get over short time relationship and live your life. Keep reading the following tips:

1 If you started to get the feeling that your relationship is failing, you should have the courage to admit that you are not feeling well about your relationship and need to do something about it.

Ending this relationship can have different effects on your life for a long time, but still, you should be honest with yourself if you feel that relationship is collapsing and can’t be fixed.

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2 If you don’t feel belonging to this person and don’t miss him when he is around, then you are in a serious situation that can lead to the end of this relationship. If you argue with each other about every little thing and can’t tolerate each other, then it’s the time to think about other options to fix or end this relationship with the least wounds possible.

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3 If you also don’t feel safe and secure with the other person, you should try talking to him about your feelings. If your partner didn’t try to make you comfortable or you couldn’t feel that way with him anymore, you should end this relationship even if you are worried about the others or about your future after that.

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4 If you can’t get along with each other and couldn’t get over this problem, then you should think if you can continue like this with this person or what you should be doing instead. Imagine your future to see if he is there or you would be alone all along. If you felt that way, you should probably end this relationship as you can’t include him in your future even in your imagination.

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I wish these few tips would help you to decide whether to end a short time relationship or not. You should believe in your instincts if you are feeling insecure about this relationship. You should also be honest with yourself if you don’t feel the same way about your partner anymore. Also, consider your future with that person. Good luck!