If you are having a hard time because you have lost your best friend and need to get him/her back, I guess you should consider your behavior with him as it could push him away more. You may ask yourself why this happening to you and why s/he doesn’t want to deal with you at all anymore. Following are some simple tips to have them in your mind to be able to get over a friendship, even if it was a longtime one.

1 Don’t blame your self any more for what happened. I am sure that you have a lot of these thoughts, but if it was a strong friendship on both sides, then it wasn’t going to end this way. Maybe you are the only one here that was attached a lot to this relationship, not the other person.

Being sad

2 If you mourn about this friendship and want to fix what has broken, try not to show these feelings as they can push the other person further away. You can just ask another friend to get between you and try to fix up the problem. If your friend couldn’t get a straight answer from your best friend, then you have to get over this relationship as it’s not meant to last.

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3 You have to get yourself into a group or an association to get to know more people to be able to make new friends and get over your current condition. I know that you are in a lot of pain, but try to get out of this condition and introduce yourself to new people.


4 You can also go to some parties and special occasions to have some fun and change your mood. Go to cinemas, clubs or any social events with other friends to be able to feel good and get more relaxed.

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5 Try not to be picky or judgmental when you get to know new people. Just get attached to the people who care about you. Don’t look at their look or their social status, try to be more open up and have a new beginning.

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These were some tips that can help you to get over a broken friendship. You shouldn’t get attached to this relationship if the other person doesn’t feel the same. If you want to talk to him/her, you better get a third party between you. If you found that there is no use of all your efforts, then it’s the time to get over it. Be more open and make new friends. I wish that you’d be able to overcome this hard time and start to live your normal life once again.