First:  It adopts the trio of anti-cellulite plants

Naturopaths willingly dig in the herbal medicine kit. And to fight against cellulite, drain tissues and drain these toxins, nothing like the chestnut, which is a decongestant lymphatic and venous draining, that associates with ash (it drains the kidney) and hazel is also decongestant. It takes the form of macerated glycerine, herbal buds (sold in herbal or organic store), 10 to 15 drops in the morning on the tongue or diluted in a little water, to take 21 days cure.

Naturopaths 5 Secrets Slim

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Second: We try the magnetized water

What’s this? Of the water that surrounds magnets. “The magnets energize the water and restores a molecular structure similar to that of spring water, much better than bottled water that depletes the storage conditions,  naturopath, this magnetized water would further promote exchanges between the cell and suddenly disposal. This is already the clean water, but why not try that little extra? To magnetize its water, using a case to put around his bottle. Once the magnetized water, the reverse in a glass carafe, neutral, to preserve its properties for 24 h.

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Third: Bach flowers not to flinch

Bach flowers, experts in naturopathic know the limits, “it does not work for everyone. But when it works, it works”. The purpose of these ultra diluted floral elixirs (much like in homeopathy) regulates our emotional yoyos. The good order, Hornbeam, charm, is the remedy for tiredness, difficulty, or lack of motivation or Elm (elm) when one has the feeling of being exceeded. 2 drops of each elixir, in a little water 2 to 3 times per day for 21 days.

One can also opt for compounds elixirs “Slimming” elixir composed of bio Elixirs & co, to fight against cravings, four drops in a glass of water when you have a craving; vitamins fondant hearts Rescue addition, the formula Rescue (made of 5 flowers) to which is added the B5 and B12 by Bach Flower © Original (Famadem), which acts against fatigue, orange-flavored elderberry,

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Forth: Does well-chewing lead to eating less

It is beneficial to chew your food well and eat without much discussion with your fellow diners, to limit the air inlets. This reduces bloating in the abdomen. Then eat while paying attention to what you eat helps to be closer to his feelings: eating watching TV, for example swallowing 30% more calories. Finally, a US study showed that in March Agreeing chew (the “crunch effect”) can also be fuller faster and decrease the volume of what you swallow.

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Sixth: The serum Quinton, to use pep

When monitoring your diet and you eat less than usual while maintaining its usual business, it is often accused of sudden fatigue. Quinton serum is simply toning power 10. This concentrated seawater is full of minerals essential to the proper functioning of our body: magnesium, potassium, iodine, etc. Thus recharge the body, and the elimination organs work better. Besides magnesium acting on the nervous system avoids the blues shots that sometimes go hand in hand. The good cure: two daily ampoules for three weeks in the morning before breakfast and the second night.