A sarcastic hitman discovers a bit of morality as he reminisces his life, love and comic books while tied to a chair.


In the business of guns for hire, business is booming and Oliver has become one of the best. Not just due to his skill, but also his utter detachment from human life. Animals though are another story.

“Oliver” starts the journey of a hitman’s uncertain approach to life as he’s bound to a chair for reasons unknown. While he contemplates his most assured doom, he thinks back on his life and what brought him into the business. From his first dog being run over by a neighbor to his departure from the Army, Oliver begins to unravel his lack of morality towards his fellow man, general boredom with day jobs and disdain for lethal animal shelters. After saving a woman from sexual assault, he leaves for the city.

Soon, he joins with a former military superior turned mercenary, Brandon, who brings him into the ever-growing world of killing for corporate America. Like a fish to water, Oliver is so efficient he takes over all contracts for the Americas while Brandon handles the overseas “accounts”. His first job is where he meets his girlfriend, Selena. He also meets her dog, Brody, who he opens up to more than anyone. After a few years, a botched job and knowing his girlfriend is always suspicious of his “investment banker” occupation, he begins to question his own path. Hiroshi Takagawa, the son of Oliver’s last disastrous hit, begins tracking his father’s murderer in his own style while two mysterious, yet bumbling goons watch Oliver’s every move.

After uncovering a family katana, he starts to untangle a tale only to be knocked unconscious. Here, the story “catches up with itself” with Oliver bound to the chair. Oliver has not only figured out who’s behind his kidnapping but has a newfound realization of the love he has for Selena and not wanting to die without telling her the truth about what he does for a living.

After an intense escape, he prepares to face Brandon one last time. Brandon had an agreement with the eldest son of the Takagawa clan, Daichi, to dispose of the father in exchange for a priceless red diamond. Not knowing the loyalty and intensity that the youngest son, Hiroshi had. Hiroshi, being the honorable man he is, instead opts to kill the man who planned his father’s murder and takes his vengeance on Brandon, allowing Oliver to go free and straighten his life out.

Selena is not very receptive to Oliver’s admission and rejects him. In a philosophical struggle with himself, he understands and walks out. A year later, Selena has moved on yet still wears a ring Oliver had left with her that has the piece of a very familiar red diamond glistening. After Oliver coaxes a stray dog onto a leash, the lovers get one last glance at one another from across the busy city streets. Oliver continues on and drops the stray off at his newly opened non-lethal shelter. A quick conversation with the receptionist and he’s out the door, answering his cell phone with an alias, the manner he always does when taking on a new “job”.

OwnerBenjamin Watts

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Matchstick McCoy
Real man. Real Cop. Real tight pants. He’s the real McCoy

Type: Feature Film
Genre: Independent

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