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Erin Cantelo Paper - Low vs Diamond Music Video Competition - 1
Erin Cantelo
Los Angeles, CA






Paper is a versatile substance, but it is also something that is unstable and impermanent. I want to use paper as the primary material and symbol of the shallow world that the band members get sucked into.


LUCAS, lips pressed to a microphone covered in paper as the lights flicker on and reveal a white backdrop.
We pull out to a wide shot, to reveal the rest of the BAND performing on a sound stage. Behind them is a huge roll of paper on two spools. The paper rolls from right to left and reveals a drawing of a huge, open book. A spotlight shines on the blank page of the book and as the paper continues to roll out, the book’s edge keeps going, like the image has no end. A large paper model of a small town rolls in on scaffolding. SISTER stands on the platform next to the town and launches a paper airplane towards JON. As she releases the paper airplane, streams of paper pour from the sides. We follow the airplane to:

Jon leans down, picks up the airplane unfolds it, and holds it up to his face. Two drawn eyes that look exhausted and tired are on the page. Jon crumbles up the paper and tosses it towards:
TAD rocks out at his keyboard as FANCY PEOPLE in paper clothing swarm in around him, green paper labeled with money signs, rain down from the ceiling.

Sister walks into frame and we follow her as she steps into the profile with Lucas, who faces the camera. They seem to glide across the stage as Sister sings the lyrics, a picture of a house rolls out on the backdrop. Lucas pulls away from Sister and exits. She walks off camera, defeated.

We push in on HOWIE. Blue rolls of paper launch over him, one after the other, as they drown out his form. One roll launches and we follow it to:

ANTHONY is torn from his guitar by several HOT GIRLS in paper clothes who pull him into a paper limo. Through the windows, we see people drink from paper champagne glasses as the background rolls by on the paper spool. After a few moments, he glances out the window- distant.

The limo rolls out of frame just as Sister steps in and watches the car leave. She faces us and walks forward as we pull out we see she carries a model of the house on a tray as Fancy People dressed in paper pour onto the stage.

It’s chaos as people drink from champagne bottles covered in paper, paper covered glasses, paper candles sit in clumps throughout the stage. Sister navigates through the crowd and spots Lucas. She locks eyes with him, holds the house out to him, and smiles. He stops and pushes through the crowd towards sister, revealing that he now wears paper clothing.

Her expression fades to utter disappointment. She drops the tray and pushes through the crowd. The house shatters as it falls onto a cluster of candles and the house bursts into flames.
Lucas fights through the chaos and grabs a nearby paper covered fire extinguisher and sprays. White foam and confetti fall onto the crowd.

He pushes through the crowd trying to find Sister, but she is nowhere to be found.

He glides away from the party, the giant roll of paper starts to roll backward, and goes back through the images we have seen and beyond, all the way to a child’s drawings which morph into a drawing of the song’s wavelength.

A paper covered microphone rolls up to him and he grabs the mic and sings as we quickly pull out to a wide shot to reveal the band members playing, but they now wear paper clothing. The band plays as the party ensues around them.

Paper champagne bottles uncork and spew colorful paper streamers.

Paper falls from the ceiling as two enormous paper wing-like structures slowly flap above the party. Streamers and rolls of paper fall from the ceiling as the lights flicker to the beat.

Suddenly paper cut-outs of the crowd roll in or pop up, replacing the party goers and band members with still, paper cutouts.
We pull out further, to reveal the paper wings, the paper that has fallen from the ceiling, and the paper backdrop have created an image of the house.

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