Life, love, and the fear of failing. Particles of Truth, in 48 hours, some fall apart … some piece themselves together.

Lilli Black, battling her painful memories and the secrets surrounding her dying father, collides with the complicated and obsessive life of Morrison Wiley on the streets of New York City. This peculiar love story exposes Lilli’s internal bouts and her nightmarish “bad luck.” We weave in and out of eight defective lives and go for a turbulent mental ride where Lilli’s reality spirals out of control and we’re led to an unforgettable climax where some fall apart and some piece themselves together.

Particals of Truth "Particles of Truth" - Film (2003) - 1

Cast and Crew

  • Writers and directors
    Jennifer Elster
  • Assistant director
    Pierre Stefanos
  • Cinematographer
    Toshiro Yamaguchi
  • Film editor
    Ron Len
  • Cast
    Jennifer Elster
    Gale Harold
    Susan Floyd
    Larry Pine
    Leslie Lyles
    Mark Margolis
    Richard Wilkinson
    David Ley

Characters of the Movie

  • Lilli Black, “protagonist”

Jennifer Elster Copy "Particles of Truth" - Film (2003) - 2

  • Morrison Wiley

Gale Harold "Particles of Truth" - Film (2003) - 3

  • Louise

Susan Floyd "Particles of Truth" - Film (2003) - 4

  • Mr. Wiley

larry pine "Particles of Truth" - Film (2003) - 5