I think we all know some information about how to treat and get rid of lice and their eggs. However, I think we should consider how to immune our children from getting infected with lice eggs before thinking about any other solution when the lice get hatched, and it’d be too late to prevent the infection. I guess it’d be a difficult task as kids at school are going to play, and their play may lead to the spread of head lice. Nevertheless, you should try to take a step forward to prevent the spread of insect among children and adults.

Head lice and eggs

1 First of all, you should teach your children to practice good habits to reduce the chance of you or your child of getting infected with lice. It starts by not sharing items that touch the head such as combs, scarves, hats and hair brushes.

child combing hair How to Prevent Lice Eggs Infection - 1

2 Keep telling your child not to get his head close to other heads as when kids play, they may naturally place their heads close to each other. So you should ask your child to avoid games and activities that lead to head contact with classmates or other friends. Adults who often get along with children should be wise and follow the same principle of avoiding head contact.

Looking for lice eggs

3 You should also keep in mind that shared spaces could be as well as shared belongings as they can create an easy opportunity for lice to pass from one person’s things to another’s. Ask your children to keep their things out of common areas especially hats, coats, scarves, and other clothing stuff for taking precautions for both kids and adults.

Lice nits look

4 For you as an adult, it probably seems that you will have to wash clothes, hats, and bed linens that have been recently used in boiling water for at least 20 minutes and then dry in a hot space regularly. When you find objects that cannot be washed, you can place them in a plastic bowl and put them away for ten days, or send them to the dry cleaner.

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I hope that these tips were useful to avoid getting infected with head lice eggs as possible. You should teach your children some necessary habits like not to get involved in any activity that includes head contact. They also should be instructed not to use any personal tools belong to other children especially hair combs, brushes or scarves. You as an adult should wash clothes that recently used in boiling water to prevent any infection. I guess if we followed these tips, we would succeed in stopping these parasites from getting to our children or us. Good luck to all of you.