Many people don’t think that alcoholic drinks are as dangerous as the experts say through the websites and the media. However, there are so many facts about alcohol that most of us didn’t even imagine. Unfortunately, we think it’s propaganda and exaggeration of the results that might come from alcohol. I guess, then, we might be wrong. Drinking, especially for people under 21 years old or people with health problems can cause major health problems.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks

1 There are a lot of teenagers who drink alcohol without even getting their parents to know. This problem is common these days and could lead to these teens death. I hope you can understand how dangerous the situation is.

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2 Beyond teenagers, college students are allowed to drink alcohol, but it doesn’t deny its effect on them and their health. When they drink heavily, they might get into so many troubles such as sexual assaults, car accidents, getting addicted to it and losing their future as a result of all these things. They would lose their consciousness to reality and feel lost until they get into rehab or it might cause their death.

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3 Even the adults, when they drink so much alcohol, it can affect their health badly and their brain functions as well.  It can be harmful to the liver, heart, kidneys and also to the fetus when a pregnant woman gets to drink it without knowing its bad effects on the baby. So, you must be careful when you get to drink alcohol.

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The brain functions

The brain functions

4 Moderate level of drinking won’t affect our health in a bad way, and it should be one cup or two through the whole day, not more. But pregnant women or people with health problems or who went to the rehab before can’t drink alcohol at all. All these precautions are for their safety.

Alcoholic drinks

5 Students aren’t supposed to drink alcoholic drinks as these drinks can affect their brain functions and make them forget what they just studied. They can also make them lazy and miss their classes. If you are a student, don’t even think of drinking alcohol.

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I guess you know now some facts about alcoholic drinks and how can they affect your brain and cause other health issues. I hope you understand how dangerous they might become if you didn’t drink them at a moderate level and the right age.