A reality-TV show that presents the winner a record contract.

Each participant has to film a music video. However, they need to return to their homes first and deal with the past. The point is to learn from the mistakes, then forget about the past and move forward focusing on the opportunity; a record contract.

Genre: Reality-TV – Music

Cast and Crew

  • Producers
    Richard Drew (executive producer)
    Matthew Hobin (field producer)
    Andy Jacobs (story producer)
    Adam Kushner (co-executive producer)
    Stephanie Stockton (associate producer)
    John Vidas
    Alex Mamlet (supervising producer)
    Shelley Sinha
    Matt Dawson
    Kevin Felix
    Jacob Isenberger
  • Series film editing by
    Mike Stern
    Erik Klein
    Seth Anderson
    Becka Slade
    Pierre Stefanos
    James Taylor
    Andrew Adolphus
  • Sound department
    Erik Nilsen
    Lou Teti
    Paul S. Shapiro
  • Cast
    Mauli B.
    Elisa Jordana
    Angelica Chitwood
    Chris Jericho
    Taya Parker
    Chris Saint
    Lycia Naff

Characters of the Show

  • Mauli B.
    Himself – Judge
  • Elisa Jordana

Elisa Jordana "Redemption Song" - Television (2008) - 1

  • Angelica Chitwood

Angelica Chitwood "Redemption Song" - Television (2008) - 2

  • Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho "Redemption Song" - Television (2008) - 3