A death. A body. A guilty conscience. These are things that Rob Casey never thought would define his life in a charming mid-western town.

A one-time high school star athlete becomes both suspect and lead investigator in an unsolved crime mystery. After the pristine Christmas-time shine is tarnished by Rob’s discovery of a local boy’s body in the river, the entire town is forced to acknowledge all that surfaces in the wake of a tragedy. Suspicions arise and circumstances are questioned as Rob begins to realize that with his own family under the spotlight, there’s little chance of coming out clean. From his wife’s dubious relationship to the deceased to his alcoholic brother Richie’s runnings around town, it’s clear that the police vie the Casey family as suspects more than residents. He wishes he could remember his own involvement that night, but his patchy memory paints a picture that he might not want to see. After all, the last thing he does remember is a struggle, a river, and a smiling face





Genre: Drama- Crime- Thriller

Cast and Crew

  • Writer and director
    Jayce Bartok
  • Editor
    Angie Dix
  • Music
    Aaron Meicht