If you want to drive a Jet Ski safely, you should put a few things in your mind. Consider your safety first and having fun second. I know that water sports have so much fun and adventure, but you still need to take care of some things not to jeopardize yourself into certain danger. You should bring a first aid kit with you and a safety band line to be attached to you if you fell off the Jet Ski.

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1 First of all, for the sake of safety you’d need a guard box. You should place a first aid kit in it, a contact phone number with registration for your self-phone equipment and a safety liner with a whistle on it. All these stuff should be placed in that box for your own safety. You should put that box in the front tab of the Jet Ski as it has a hole that can afford that box.

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2 You should put the safety band on your wrist and make sure to be tight not to lose it. Then, pull the stop button out to place the clip of the safety line behind the button and slide down. This clip would get out automatically from its place if you wanted to get into the water.

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3 Use the go and stop buttons only when you get to start to drive the Jet Ski. They are located on your left side above each other. You can also use the cable on your other side by pressing forward and reverse.  You have also use the reverse lever bar by squeezing it gently to increase the speed level.

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4 When you try driving the Jet Ski, you should stay on the right side of it when it gets upside down to keep your safety and not to fall off the Jet Ski. You should sit in a comfortable position to be able to drive your Jet Ski safely.

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5 You should also wear the light jacket to be able to float if you fell into the water accidentally. In case if you had a fire, you shouldn’t get panicked and try to find a yellow bottle at the lower part of the back of the Jet Ski. It should be used to handle the fire by throwing the material inside it on the base of the fire to quench it.

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I think you can now drive a Jet Ski safely if you followed these steps. You should be wearing a safety line band, a light jacket, having a first aid kit. Don’t forget the place of the fire quencher in case if you had a fire. I hope these tips have been useful enough for you. Take care and good luck.