Writer, Director, Actor

San Fransisco, CA


  • The Immigrant

Sean was born in Bolinas, California, since then, he has spent the majority of his life in Sussex, England. He returned permanently a few years ago for the weather and opportunities here in California.

He is hardworking and very motivated. His passion is a film, pre, and post-production, shooting, screenwriting, acting, directing, and editing. He has been highly motivated in all of these areas and is dedicated to continuing work in these capacities.

He also enjoys hiking, skateboarding, tennis, soccer, cooking, reading, surfing, and songwriting. He is ever enthusiastic about learning new skills and meeting new challenges. My Website


  • Fruition: The Life and Dreams of Nicolas Mueller, 2016

Fruition The Life and Dreams of Nicolas Mueller Sean Fee - 1

A documentary about Nicolas Mueller, a professional snowboarder.

It’s written and directed by Sean Fee and Martin Luchsinger. IMDB

  • Nebukadnezzar, 2012

Nebukadnezzar Sean Fee - 2

This short explores the humans’ delusions and arrogance; “the mistake in thinking one is invincible. There is a stark contrast between the comforts of our material world and the harsh realities of nature.” IMDB

  • Away from Grace, 2009

The short drama is written, directed, and produced by Fee. IMDB