Some people might not know how to do spins and skate on the ice. Making spins is such where the skaters make moves on the ice. There are many kinds of spins, known by the position of the body of the skater. Learning how to spin can take much of your time and requires a lot of practice. Following are some tips you might need to spin on the ice.

First of all, you need to get a proper uniform to wear on the ice and the required skating tools such as the skating shoes.

1 The easiest way to start is probably with your two feet. Try to get the feeling of spinning when you move forward and backward on your skate. The skate should carry most of your weight on the heels and the toes.

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2 make sure to have your weight on your skates. It’s all about using your muscles to perform the spinning the right way. When you pull in your muscles tight, you’ll get to spin faster and easier.

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3 Move forward to be able to make a small spinning circle. Then, you should be able to do a spin on one foot.

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4 Pull your stomach inside and stay still on the front of your skate. If everything went well and you kept your balance, you’ll now begin to skate step by step.

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5 Try to practice spinning on the ice more than one time. The more you get to practice, the better you’ll be able to do spins on the ice.

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6 The next step is trying to spreading your arms while spinning as it’ll give you more ability to keep your balance on the slippery ice.

Note: You might get dizzy; Try to focus on an object to regain your balance.

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7 Then try to bend on your knees to be able to skate freely and tightly. This way will make you more stable on the ice while making your spin.

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8 After bending on your knees, you can rise again and pull in your stomach to be able to rotate around the ice. You can do these steps over and over, and I assure you that you’ll be able to do your own spin on the ice nicely and easily.

A professional skater

A professional skater

I guess you might have got a few ideas about how to do a spin on the ice. But you should try not to get hurt if it’s your 1st time to skate. Take someone with you who has some experience in this field to watch you during your practice on the ice for the 1st time. I hope you enjoy your time as a beginner during your 1st lessons to do ice spins.