I’ve been acting for a few years and writing for the screen for even fewer. I was pushed into acting as a child and didn’t like it much. My sophomore year of college, I chose to try it again. And I can’t say how happy I am that I did. I’ve been in a few stage plays, had some great experiences, and met some great people. And now I’m ready to move on.

I’ve written one full-length screenplay and I’m working on another. With just 2 semesters left of college, I plan to finish this script, graduate, and move on to a larger city to pursue acting… Kentucky isn’t exactly a breeding ground for film opportunities. So, I was referred here by the good people of the Zhura screenwriting community. Hopefully, I can make some good connections… maybe find some opportunities that aren’t readily available here… and gain some experience in the process.

Favorite Quotes

  1. “He who is not courageous will accomplish nothing in life” -Muhammed Ali
  2. “Never accept ultimatums, conventional wisdom, or absolutes.” – Christopher Reeves
  3. “So live that you can look any man in the eye and tell him to go to hell.” -John D. Rockefeller

Interests and Activities

Writing, writing, writing. I’m an English major at the University of Kentucky, so I spend most of my days (and all of my nights) either writing essays or reading novels that I’ve already read five times over. But if I’m not doing that, I’m writing for the screen. I’m an active member of Zhura.com and I’m nearing the completion of my second full-length screenplay. If you’re a screenwriter, and you value criticism and collaboration… I highly recommend the site.

Other than typing myself into a mind-numbing stuper, you can find me either running & swimming or trying to relax and catch up on sleep.

Favorite Movies

My recent favorites are two movies that probably not everyone has seen. The Fountain, directed by Darren Aronofsky and The Prestige, directed by Christopher Nolan. But, in terms of taste, I lean toward movies that make me think and make me feel.

A. T. Barker A. T. Barker - 1Actor
Lexington, KY

Cosmo Model & Talent Agency


  • Portrayable Age 16 – 25 yrs old
  • Height 6′ 0″
  • Weight 155 lbs
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Hair Length Medium
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Ethnic Appearance White/Caucasian