Stop Sugar, this is the new trend in wellness and diet. Banish sugar diet is the key to a healthy body and a light spirit. Must still be willing to give it: in a century, our sugar consumption has grown from a kilo per year per person to 35 kg today. A sweet flavor that is not foreign to the development of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases or even eating disorders. Yet, make a cross on sugar would boost his energy, morale, and overall health.

Eliminate added sugars

The little sugar in coffee, macaroons makes the eye in the window or the little chocolate square at night watching TV: Sugar is ubiquitous. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, because today, sugar, it’s everywhere. “It is hidden in sugars industrial pizzas, sauces and other dishes concocted by the food industry are full, says Valérie Espinasse, micro nutritionist and author of I Quit Sugar * (First)!. They are not sweet in the mouth but they nevertheless contain sugar in large quantities. This is a cheap flavor enhancer and makes addicted to food. ”
To find the path to a healthy mind in a healthy body, you must remove these added sugars from your diet. In practice, the finished dishes all made sugary yogurt, pastries, and other sweets. It also applies to fruit juice, “if they contain added sugars,” says Valérie Espinasse.

Stop Sugar


The first step of his new life without sugar: detoxify. “Sugar is like a drug,” says the micro nutritionist. The first three weeks are the hardest, time to detoxify the body, to wean the sugar. This is the incompressible level if we want it to be effective. Then it goes along, so there’s no frustration or health hazard, since refined sugars provide only “empty calories” without any essential nutrient. But sugarless life does not mean a life without sugar products. When preparing a cake, just replace white sugar with a banana or an apple for a sweet flavor,” advises the specialist, “to keep the fun. Some patients consume so much of sweet products, impulses than they feel no pleasure.”

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Quick benefits

For the more energetic (his), the benefits of sugar quickly stop the appointment. “The bar and chronic fatigue blows away in a few days, and is less reactive to stress and improved mood,” explains Valérie Espinasse, who applies his precepts for itself. Bodyside, if the judgment of sugar is not defined as a diet, it nevertheless has an impact on the silhouette. ““Weight loss is not the objective, but it is often observed and the digestive plan is the revolution. No more bloating and belly swollen, “she continues.

This is the same general health that would improve with discontinuation of sugar. Headaches, sinus infections, and skin problems would decrease significantly with this new diet. But as addicted to sweets rest assured: “This is to rehabilitate. Once we took good eating habits, we can still afford a slice of cake from time to time, specifies the micro nutritionist. But in small doses and not too often, otherwise, relapse into gear.

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