Optimize your workouts and improve your sports performance with the most popular superfood with sports and elite athletes.

Super Foods: to boost and improve your workout

Each day brings a lot of ups and downs. If you lack energy and you are still aching from your last session, exercise may seem difficult. An appropriate diet can, therefore, help you to overcome these obstacles by improving your performance and your ability to recover.

To fully experience the benefits of your workouts at the gym, adopt a diet rich in antioxidants, minerals, protein, complex carbohydrates, and quality fats. In this regard, we recommend eating conscientiously while focusing on a diet of whole foods. The next time you feel stiff or sluggish, allow yourself to these tasty ideas, and add power to your workout.

Super Foods: Chia seeds, rich in protein and potassium

“Chia seeds contain almost twice more protein than other grains, nearly five times more calcium than milk and two times more potassium than bananas,”. Athletes need to maintain strong bones, and the body absorbs particularly well the calcium in chia seeds.

When to eat? “They will make a perfect snack 15 to 20 minutes after exercise,” says the nutritionist. You can, for example, For optimal recovery, we suggest adding chia seeds to a large salad for two to four hours later.

Expert advice: if you are in a hurry, cut an apple into quarters and sprinkle chia seeds. This will give you a quick intake of calcium and vitamins.

Super Foods: Eggs to refuel protein, calcium, and iron

Eggs consist of 50% protein, the latter containing the 8 essential amino acids to the growth and regeneration of muscle and bone. Moreover, they are a good source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamins D, A, E, and B.

When to eat ?: Eat-in 20 to 30 minutes before exercise. For endurance athletes, boiled eggs are also an excellent halfway snack in the workout. “After exercise, I eat eggs to refuel strength”

Expert Tip: When buying eggs, learn to obtain eggs from free-range chickens. This will avoid any potential risk associated with added stimulants, antibiotics, and hormones, which are sometimes used in non-organic dairy farms.

Super Foods: Kefir, a great ally for workouts

kefir contains vitamins B1,2 and vitamin A, calcium, folic acid, magnesium. what makes it unique is its kefir fermentation process, which greatly aids digestion. This allows the body to focus on the absorption of nutrients and many proteins necessary for the growth and regeneration of muscle and bone. In addition, kefir contains tryptophan, amino acid, making it an ideal food for late-night sports.

When to eat ?: Indeed, it is a drink for rapidly recovering 30 minutes after your workout.

Expert Tip: Best known for its beneficial effects on digestion, kefir also helps to restore the intestinal flora was destroyed by regimes of refined and processed foods or frequent use of antibiotics. Finally, to optimize digestion, sprinkle flaxseed on your kefir.

Super Foods: Millet (rich in magnesium, protein, and phosphorus)

Millet is a kind of grass with a sweet flavor and nutty. It presents a complete profile of essential amino acids, making it a whole protein. “Millet contains magnesium, and different elements like phosphorus and calcium, all of the elements involved in the production of energy.

preparation of millet is so easy. For two quantities of water, add a quantity of millet, cover, and leave to boil.to simmer for about 25 minutes or until the millet has completely absorbed the water. Looking for inspiration? Why not check a recipe like the Millet with spinach and pine nuts?

When to eat ?: Given its high protein content, the nutritionist suggested to consume it as a main course three hours before or after the exercise session. Millet promotes recovery and prevents fatigue the next day.

Expert Tip: For an alternative healthy and tasty oatmeal, add to your bowl of millet small pieces of orange, almonds or ground hazelnuts and pure honey.

Super Foods: rich in potassium, bananas contribute to hydration and recovery

Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals. “our muscles are stimulated by electrical pulses, potassium and sodium is a fundamental factor in the process,” banana contributes to the hydration and ensures the proper recovery of the muscles.

When to eat it ?: Because it is easy to digest and is a good source of energy, we can take a banana 30 to 40 minutes before exercise. For long workouts, the expert suggests eating a banana to give new impetus electrolytes.

Expert Tip: It’s never a good idea to consume too much of anything, even if it is good for health. Indeed, some naturopathic doctors noticed a rise in allergies to bananas in their patients. To avoid potential awareness, so they suggest eating a banana every three to four days.

Super Foods: Acai berries to fill antioxidants

“Acai berries contain strong antioxidant content”. which is a rich source of amino acids, fatty acids, and essential minerals, elements promoting muscle contraction?

When to eat ?: incorporate them in a drink about 30 minutes after exercise.

Expert advice: The nutritional value of the Acai is concentrated in the core of the fruit. To reap all the benefits, mix the pulp of the acai in a smoothie, oatmeal in quinoa, or probiotic yogurt. You will find acai pulp in your health food store or the organic section of some supermarkets

Super Foods: Salmon, an excellent source of omega-3 and protein

Fish is a food that promotes muscle growth. So it is a complete source of protein and is easily absorbed by the body. In addition, it contains omega-3 contribute to alleviating inflammation of the joints, allowing them to stay lubricated.

When to eat ?: Fill protein before exercise will minimize the breakdown of muscle. we suggest to include salmon in your main menu three hours after your workout.

Expert advice:  The environmental impacts of farming practices are devastating, not to mention that farmed salmon is known to be infested with sea lice and disease carrier. Smaller salmon as sockeye, are a better choice because they accumulate fewer toxins from their environment. ”