You may have heard that calcium keeps your bones strong, but did you know it has many other advantages? Here is how the calcium keeps you healthy.

Calcium Benefits

First: it helps in weight loss

Here’s the reason to drink milk that your mom did not know: it helps you lose weight. Researchers have found that people who received 1300 mg to 1400 mg of calcium daily as dairy products had, after 18 months, less body fat. Calcium appears to play a role in how fat is broken down and stored. The more calcium in a fat cell, the more it burns. In a study of obese adult subjects, one group took three servings of 175 grams (6 ounces) fat yogurt containing 1100 mg of calcium per day. The other group ate a serving of milk products containing 400 to 500 milligrams of calcium daily. Both groups also reduced the number of daily calories to 500. The group ate yogurt lost an average of 6.3 kg (14 pounds), against an average loss of 5 kg (11 pounds) for the group that ingested less calcium. The yogurt group also lost 81% more belly fat. Although studies have shown that low-fat dairy products are more effective, drawn calcium in other foods, such as broccoli and fortified orange juice, the same effect.

surprising benefits calcium health

Second: It fights colon cancer

Calcium and vitamin D protect against cancer. A study called the Polyp Prevention Trial (Study on preventing polyps) has shown that calcium and vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of return of polyps by 18%. Aim to take 1200 mg to 1500 mg daily in your food and dietary supplements.

the most abundant mineral salt in the body, calcium is 2% of body weight. Almost 99% is concentrated in the bones and teeth. What remains still plays a vital role in the proper functioning of all body cells, including muscle cells (those of the heart, etc.) and nerve cells. Calcium is also involved in kidney function, the blood clotting mechanism, and several enzymatic processes.

The calcium absorption rate varies:

  • Age (the younger you are, the higher it is);
  • Ethnicity (Africans and Asians better absorb calcium than white people);
  • The power supply (vitamin D, boron, magnesium, and proteins play an important role in the absorption of calcium).

surprising benefits calcium health

Third: It decreases the risk of type II diabetes

A 20-year study, conducted by researchers from Boston, nearly 84,000 nurses none had diabetes at the start of the study, found that women who took 1,200 mg of calcium and 800 IU of vitamin D per day were at 33% lower risk of the progress of type 2 diabetes than females which they have more consumption of small amounts. All calcium supplements are also well absorbed. The body absorbs calcium supplements to chew better than tablets. Boston researchers found that 1200 mg per day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes to improve absorption, take two doses, one in the morning and another at night.

surprising benefits calcium health

Forth: It increases fertility

At the University of Wisconsin, a calcium-based treatment and vitamin D restores fertility – at least in male rats. Other research shows that the level of calcium increases in sperm in the last seconds before fertilization, providing the energy boost needed to penetrate the egg. And for women, a study from Columbia University found that among women with polycystic ovary syndrome, which interferes with ovulation, calcium and vitamin D helped restore normal menstruation.

surprising benefits calcium health

Fifth: It reduces the effects of PMS

You’ve probably never thought about taking milk to get rid of your premenstrual symptoms, but maybe you should. In a long term study of over 3000 women, researchers found that women who drank four servings of milk, low fat or skim milk per day (including calcium and vitamin D equivalent to the fortified orange juice, low-fat yogurt, and other low-fat dairy products) had a 40% lower risk of experiencing premenstrual symptoms than women who were taking only a portion of milk per week.

Other studies have also demonstrated the ability of calcium to reduce these symptoms. Researchers are not certain why the calcium and vitamin D form such a winning combination, but one theory is that premenstrual syndrome, is the factor, or at least, a developer – the lack of calcium (premenstrual symptoms are similar those of calcium deficiency). And researchers know that in women with premenstrual symptoms, the estrogen level is higher and the lower levels of calcium than women without ovarian cycle disorders.

surprising benefits calcium health

Sixth: beneficial after menopause

Yes, postmenopausal women generally need more calcium because their estrogen levels decrease. Estrogen protects the skeleton by promoting the deposition of calcium on bone. Generally, women who take estrogen also need to take calcium. Estrogen is not a calcium substitute. you should consult your doctor if you have more specific questions.

surprising benefits calcium health

Seventh: it reduces the risk of osteoporosis

is an essential nutrient that helps form strong teeth and bones. Calcium is especially important to help reduce calcium is reducing the risk of osteoporosis, a disease characterized by decreased bone mass. When the body does not get enough calcium, it draws on the bones, weakening them. Hence the importance of taking enough calcium every day and to form and maintain bones throughout life. Recent scientific studies have determined that even after menopause, women can benefit from greater calcium intake. Calcium is also very important for children. Adequate intake of calcium during the years of bone growth can reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Please be aware that: Osteoporosis is a silent disease that is often not detected before serious problems arise, such as fractures.

surprising benefits calcium health

Shall I continue to take my calcium supplement safely, although a recent study suggests a possible link between calcium (food supplements) and cardiovascular diseases?

The study to which you think is a previously conducted study analysis that focused on calcium supplements (without vitamin D) and the risk of cardiovascular events. Health Canada has reviewed this study and determined that it did not provide any conclusive results to establish an association between taking calcium supplements and cardiovascular. Osteoporosis Canada also recommends continuing to take a supplement of calcium.

surprising benefits calcium health

Osteoporosis Canada recommends calcium intake from food or supplements:

  • 1,000 mg for men and women 19 to 50 years
  • 1,200 mg for men and women over 50 years *

Calcium foods aid in descending order of weight:

  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt)
  • Fish, especially canned
  • Soy beverages fortified with calcium
  • Green vegetables (parsley, dandelion, watercress, spinach, rhubarb, etc.)
  • Many fruits (blackcurrant, orange, red currant, blackberry, rhubarb, for example)

surprising benefits calcium health