Thirst, you said? Also, the color of your urine, your breath, your mood, and cravings can also indicate that you suffer from dehydration. With the hot weather, the body sweats profusely. But when water intake is not enough to cover the losses, the body becomes dehydrated. How then quickly identify the signs of dehydration?

1. If you have bad breath, you may be dehydrated

Saliva working day and night to rid your tongue, your teeth, and gums of food particles. If your mouth is dry, bacteria proliferate on these food particles and you will have bad breath. Drink water throughout the day to avoid dehydration and keep your mouth moist. Need a boost freshness? Of the chewing gum or lozenge activate your salivary glands. Whenever possible, choose gums and sugar-free tablets.

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2. Headache

The body uses liquid continuously to operate. This liquid is not necessarily composed of only water but contains inorganic salts such as sodium and potassium. When you run out of minerals and water, a chemical reaction occurs in your brain and trigger a headache. The more you are dehydrated (e), the more headaches intensify.

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3. Check the color of your urine

You can check if you drink enough fluids by inspecting urine. With the frequency of urination and the color of your urine. In a day, we usually urinate between 6-8 times. The color of urine in the case of dehydration is dark and concentrated. With adequate fluid intake, urine is a light yellow color, almost transparent. But this rule does not apply if you take supplements in the form of multivitamins or B vitamins riboflavin, or vitamin B2 can also be painted light-colored urine, then made on behalf of your fluid intake.

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4. Dehydration also have an impact on your mood

Laboratory researchers on human performance from the University of Connecticut have examined the ability to concentrate and mood of 25 women who drank enough water one day and not enough the next two days. Slightly dehydrated, the woman showed signs of fatigue, irritability, suffering from headaches, and had difficulty concentrating. In another test, little dehydrated men were tired and less on the lookout for performing mental exercises. In terms of humor, women were more susceptible to dehydration than men, at least according to this study. Scientists are still trying to understand why – good luck!

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5. Dizziness

When we are dehydrated the volume of our blood decreases. Outcome: our blood pressure drops which give us vertigo. Have you ever had to stand up having dizzy?

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6. If you often have sugar cravings, drink more water

You might confuse your need to drink with your want to take you on a sugar-based snack, especially after exercise. “After an exhausting session, we are not only dehydrated, but our glycogen reserves are at their lowest,” The glycogen are sugars that our body stores and uses as fuel.

Our cravings, it is the language of our bodies to tell us that it takes him more. “Everybody does not want sugar after exercise, but when you are tired, it’s tempting to give in.” The fruits and dairy products are both the fastest and most comprehensive to charge you carbohydrates when your glycogen stores are low. In addition, most fruits and yogurts contain plenty of water and thus contribute to rehydration.

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7. Your skin has weird folds

Squeeze the back of your hand for a few seconds. When you release it, it should return to its original position quickly enough. If it takes time to return to normal, it is probably because you are dehydrated. “The skin turgor – which measures its elasticity – starts to decrease with a loss of fluid 5%, a slight dehydration” With a moderate to strong dehydration, fold in the skin will not disappear. Do you know why else you should stay hydrated? To look younger. “A very good hydration dramatically improves the appearance of facial skin, especially when we get older”

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8. Snacks

Dehydration warning signs manifested by the urge to snack more often. If you have already made a good meal but feel the need to snack (mostly waterlogged foods such as fruits) it is your body that gently tells you that you need to drink.

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9. Do you always want to sleep?

Try to drink when you feel intense fatigue. That may be what you are missing to give you energy. When you are hydrated (e), the water passes into the bloodstream and maintains proper blood volume. When fluid intake is insufficient, the blood volume is reduced and blood pressure following the same tumble. Less blood pressure = less oxygen circulating. This lack of oxygen slows down our muscles and nervous system.

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10. Having cramps

Adequate hydration and electrolyte balance is essential to good muscle function. When sodium and potassium miss, you may well have unpleasant cramps. If you are not adequately hydrated (e), a muscle or muscle section may set cramp without warning. So what are you drinking?

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The dangers of dehydration

Children, the sick, and the elderly are more susceptible to dehydration. Because water is necessary for metabolism, blood circulation, temperature control, eliminating toxins and waste, a lack of water in the body has long-term consequences. Experts dedicated to the analysis of dietary habits in children made disturbing discoveries. A recent US study, conducted at the prestigious Harvard University, showed that over 50 percent of children were dehydrated. The boys are in a more serious condition than girls. Previous studies have alarmed the public with this information saying that in America, a quarter of children do not drink water, but sodas. This study was conducted on children aged 2 to 17.

Children usually do not have a mechanism to sufficiently developed thirsty and need more liquid, freshly squeezed juices, and water. More frequent and greater consumption of liquids is imperative for elderly and sick people, to avoid a more serious depletion of the body. Water always calls for more water. Many people are aware that they do not drink enough water, but can not bring themselves to drink a glass of water, because they do not feel thirsty. The good news is that the water, with its many other benefits on the body, has the ability to stimulate thirst. Therefore, the more you drink, the more the body will demand.

To avoid dehydration, “you have to drink enough, but not too much. It is recommended to drink one to two liters of water a day and regularly, 8 to 10 glasses of water a day minimum, fractionated during the day.”

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