A young deranged predator preys on local college girls but realizes that his only match is a seasoned police detective.

handcuffs The Boy Next Door - 1The Boy Next Door chronicles the mindset of a brilliant, diabolical serial killer from the unlikely vantage point of his innocent, abusive childhood to committing a heinous crime as an awkward yet gifted teenager to an aspiring medical student to becoming deceptive, calculating serial killer obsessed with forensic science. Using his boyish good looks and charm, Nathan preys on local college girls that resemble his first love. He methodically alters and manipulates the crime scenes to send the police on a wild goose chase. He realizes that his only match is Les Kearns, a seasoned detective assigned to the murders. Kearns is still haunted by an unsolved case of a missing 10-year-old girl that Nathan kidnapped a decade earlier. Can the deceptive killer continue his reign of terror? Or will Kearns finally catch the boy that’s been tormenting him for over a decade…

Jayson Amoroso
New York, NY

Genre: Thriller

Location: Mercer, NJ